Saturday, January 5, 2008

Broke and Broken

New year poses new financial situations everytime, for this unemployed mum. There are a lot of things that needed to be paid, bought, settled, ironed out. If only that money tree I constantly receive from my face book friends could actually be used! I reckoned I wouldn't be writing this entry right now.

When our PM broke the good news that education is free for all Malaysians last year, I was ecstatic! No more school fees, textbooks to buy, those endless memos reminding the things which we constantly needed to pay such as computer fees, sukan fees, PIBG fees etc. So, when I registered my daughter to a Convent school this year, I didn't bring that much money with me. I had probably 200rgt, enough I thought to purchase all the necessary stationery ,workbooks and badges. Happily the three of us hopped and skipped to school, literally, and had wished to get everything paid and done in just one day. Then, the bomb was dropped as I was just about to go get the book list. "...Puan, ini bayaran yang perlu dijelaskan sebelum masuk sekolah and ni, list buku2 darjah empat" Total yuran was RM105.5 and workbooks were!? I thought everything was free? except for the books of course. I just settled the yuran sekolah which included yuran ikhlas paksarela(Adiejin's word)PIBG of RM50. We walked back to the car without that spring in our steps, well for me at least. I had to go back to fetch more money in my cake tin and go back to the book store to purchase all the books. I have already paid for my son's kindergarten which totalled up to RM835! I refused to worry my other half with all these as he needs to pay for the car, the house, nak service kereta lagi, his study fees at UKM, his books and so many other bugging stuff. But alhamdulillah, we have triumphantly paid for everything this year, no hutang or the use of credit cards. All cash and carry and gendong and seret(laughs)

Still on broke and broken mode, yesterday morning I discovered that one of my small ovens failed to function! And I had trays of cupcakes to make! Thank god the cupcakes were only for my kids' and hubby's consumptions. If not I would be doomed for eternity of customers condemnation and marahzation and kutuknation, ha ha ha. But not to worry friends, as I am writing this, the car is already in the warming up mode and I would be off to Tesco or Carrefour to fetch me self a brand new oven. Any sponsors before I made the purchase?

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

dearest wiz, did u get that oven? after our convo tadi pagi now i know y u had to rush to tesco, kesian u Wiz. if i can afford it i will get u that new oven, but saw online it cost a bomb to send one over to u! perhaps next time then wiz, sorry i cant offer any oven. i am so familiar with being broke and broken, since i met B its the first time in my life that i am not broke & broken - so its only been 5 years i hv been blessed = ) but feels like 5 million, God is truly great and He is there for u Wiz, u hv seen his miracles, remember that morning it was pouring down just for u!...Well anyways, my brother is going thru this now being broke & broken, i can help only so much, i hope like u he will pull through... catch ya later babe!

Wiz said...

ala Mush, the thought that you went through the net to look for an oven pun dah put tears to my eyes. Thanks Mush, you are such a sweetheart. The thought truly is greater that the action indeed. You don't have to buy me anything Mush, friendship alone is worth more than all the ovens in this world. Thanks so much.

Siti Salina said...

Wiz you are a real wizard! You could produce so many beautiful cuppies and cakes from that tiny oven! I thought you have a big oven like Nigella's ... you need to invest in one of those in the future if you want to expand your business.

Correction not unemployed anymore but self-employed. Insyallah wiz murah rezeki tahun ni. You made me think of the single mothers in Taiping who have 4 or 5 kids and sell kuihs at an amazingly cheap price. They made me cry in silence. Berapalah untung yang dia orang dapat for all the efforts bangun pagi awal-awal buat kuihs.

How do you think they survive in their daily life? Every time i go back to Taiping i will try to buy as many kuihs which i later distribute to all my favourite neighbours. kesian kan wiz! In the UK Education is free. Parents do not have to pay a single dime. Siap bagi pencil lagi for students. I pray that our government walks its talk!

I am counting my days to hit malaysian shore ...countdown - less than 10 days now ..Yippie!..make time for me Wiz,

wan said...

Kak, U are rite, new year = extra expenses! Thouhg none of my kids shooling mooling yet, but this is the time to renew everything, from cukai pintu, road tax, indah water bills etc.. haissh.. a BIG hole in da pocket, i tell you. And I've started my cuppies buss, on 1st Jan.. yahoo! (and that add extra damages to hubby's pocket, coz he is the one who sponsored everything, coz his wifey got no money lah hehehe)

Have a visit ya kak-

and plis jgn marah if nanti i tertiru ur design - err inspired actually :P

wan said...

and opss, with the explanation above, I can't sponsor ur new oven :(

Wiz said...

Salina - I'm counting too. 10, 9, 8...

Wan - Now that you have started your own business, you need an oven as much as I do. So, you are excused from buying me one. And I have linked you!

Akmal said...

Kak Whiz,
Hi there how are you. Business at school eh? kena bayar jugak ke? Bukan dah tak payah ke?
Now the oven pun dah tarik muka masam dah hahaha.
Have a nice day kak. Sorry, cannot sponsor hehehe.

M A Janssen said...

Sorry to hear about this Wiz. We're going thru something similar too so I truly understand how you feel. Nonetheless, let's see it as a bump in the road. This is our 'down' & hopefully our 'up' will come soon. Hugs from all of us here.

rinnchan said...

How many small ovens do u use wiz?? Isshhh...isshhhh..I thot u own an industrial one...The outcomes of ur works do not tell at all that they actually came out from that small oven. God must have included his miracle into that oven for u wiz..
Be strong despite ur broke & broken stories.

Wiz said...

Mus - I am alright, I try to tongkatkan my chin so that it stays up. It's part and parcel of life.

Rinn - I have two small ovens. One I never used coz it takes forever to bake in it, the other just broke on me. But not to worry I have bought myself a 99rgt one from Tesco. So, looks like it's not the end of my cakey story yet Rinn.

mamazieza said...

you know wiz, ure broken oven reminds me of the one that I used to bake with when I first started the cookies business and actually was smaller..hehehe. the sandwich toaster oven and i used it untill it just cannot take it anymore coz my cookies getting bigger and some of my cakes just cannot be bake in there... too small.. and then baru mama bought the Europa oven.. tu pun hutang.. hahaha.. coz that was the time when my hubby and me was retrenched and jobless for a year. But alhamdulillah.. that oven had served me for nearly 10 years now.. though laa ni dia dah ada hot spot ... for wi fi kot..hehehehhehe

as for the schools fees, mama dah tak amik pusing dah.. coz i know kot mana pun, we have to be prepared mesti ada yang kena bayar.. but our pibg tak laa sampai 50 hengget just 10 ringgit per year and kalau ada adiki beradik dalam sekolah tu.. we only pay for one.

Broke and broken will never end.. at least for me.. hahaha

Wiz said...

Mama - I'm not really complaining la Mama, just relating. I still can't afford a proper oven right now and I don't even have ample space for a big one. Of course I do dream of having all the proper equippment one day. Till that day comes I just have to make do with what I have and make the best out of it.