Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Times of Relish and In Piles of Rubbish

My number one blog visitor is here! However, it is only for a short visit as she has to return to Manchester next week. My time to spend with her was extremely limited due to her tight schedule. The only time she could slot me in, misrably fell on a weekday. I am someone who is constantly in between errands and planning the best out of the outing was awfully challenging. The best itinerary I could offer was to invite her to take a ride with me whilst doing all my daily chores of that day. She agreed.

I picked Salina up at 8.15am right after sending my son to his kindergarten. The first stop for that day was the nearby park. Salina has been kept curious for more than a year now after reading my entry on the quaint little park. She was so eager to snap pictures of the flowers, the fish, the zigzag bridge. I normally make time to stroll around the park on my off days from class, brisk walking and body bending, picking up the rubbish around me as I pass through. This has been my routine for the past one year in solitude, but on this special trip, I had an entourage with me, lending me a hand with the strewn rubbish. Every single straw, tissue paper, snack and sweet wrapper was dilligently picked up and disposed off properly. I applaud Salina for her willingness to do this with me, considering that she wasn't dressed appropriately for the occassion.

Moistened with morning dew on our faces and drenched with the salty water of our sweat, all sticky and wet, we decided to call it a day and headed to a Malay Restaurant for breakfast. We both feasted on big servings of laksa and downed it with teh o limau. Aahh, what a treat for both of us, savouring our favourite dish for breakfast.

Salina followed me back to my house afterwards and we spent most of the time chatting, catching up on lost times, teaching and learning to set up a blog, and cooking. I wasn't prepared to cook her anything special, I din't think she could stay long. But as lunch time emerged out of nowhere, I hastily prepared lunch, the simplest and the quickest way I knew how. The outcome was simple but enjoyable at least to Salina's friendly tastebuds. After lunch she continued working with her new set up blog and I had to run upstairs to settle the laundry, and completing other house chores.

I had to go out again to fetch my daughter from her standard sports practice at 6pm and that's when we said out goodbyes. It wasn't a day of movies and drinks&cakes at the cafes but it was a day of including each other in the simplest and meaningful activities. Through the times of relish or even in piles of rubbish, when two good friends meet, they just click...or tick each other off, he he he. I hope I didn't tick you off salina for making you collect all the rubbish.

Thanks Salina for the company.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flashcards Flashbacks

As I was enthusiastically flashing my cards away to a group of confused students just now, I noticed their indifference towards some of the pictures used. The cards were large and colourful with pictures of simple nouns that they could easily identify. There were pictures of aeroplane, broom, flowers, glove, birthday cake, balloons, etc. Since I bake and decorate cakes for a living, naturally, when it comes to flashing the cake card, I was more animated than usual. But...they weren't as responsive and as cheery as I had thought they would be.

Teacher : Alright class, what's this?

Students : Cake.

Teacher : Well, it's not just a cake, it's a birthday cake!( I was already on my high end shrieking happy note voice)Do you celebrate your birthday with a cake, and what type of cake?

Students : No teacher. We don't celebrate birthday.

Teacher : You don't even get presents from family?

Students : No, birthdays are like any other day for us. (frowning)

Teacher : So, you have never had a birthday cake before? (in shock)

Students : No.

Moments later, with no self restrictions and self control whatsoever over the horizontal opening just below my nose I found myself saying " know what guys? I am Soooo going to give you a cake each for your birthday!" You should see the look of these guys! They were beyond elation, euphoria and all the happiness equivalent words combined. And you should actually see my Face! It was "...what have I just committed myself to?!?"

Here's the breakdown of the cost:

Cakes = Rm (Have yet to be calculated)
Beautiful Expression on students' faces = (as cliche as this may sound)
Truly Priceless!

Am I going to keep my word? You betcha I would!

Well maybe not with something like this

but more like this, he he he.

Monday, January 28, 2008

You're Not Listening to What I Say!

I was given the trust to handle two contrasting levels of English Proficiency classes. Level 1 - only speaks "yes, No, I don't know, maybe, a little bit, boy, girl, sometimes, I don't understand, again, Sorry - late, I go out now, homework, I don't like, I like, and Good. Level 3 - understands a little bit more than level 1 and has a wider range of vocabulary. Most of the words they use are extracted from the electronic computer dictionary and they end up with sentences like " I am a coward" when they meant "I am afraid". Easy everyday words would turn into ones only used by geeks who are out to impress a girl or maybe by Shakespeare. I have compiled simple words for them and made them memorize the spellings but to my dismay they didn't even bother. For example "chair would be spelt as "chir", "shoes" would come up as "cho". I conduct spelling tests on a regular basis, reading to them first of the correct pronunciations as well as the spellings. But somehow, the spellings always come out different on their test papers from what I shouted out.

You are not listening to what I say class!!!!!(gritting my teeth) I am fast becoming a teacher from hell for these guys.

The song I put up is one of my many favourites and my sis's too. This is for you da!

The Shoop Shoop Song
Does he love me I want to know
How can I tell if he loves me so
(Is it in his eyes)
Oh no, you'll be deceived
(Is it in his eyes)
Oh no he'll make believe
If you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)

Is it in his face
Oh no, that's just his charm
In his warm embrace
Oh no, that's just his arms
If you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss

Oh, Oh, Oh, hug him
Squeeze him tight
To find out what you want to know
If it's love, if it really is, it's there in his kiss
oh, oh, it's in his kiss

How 'bout the way acts
Oh no, that's not the way
You're not listening to all I say
If you wanna know if he loves you so, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Oh , oh, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)

Oh, Oh, Oh, hug him
Squeeze him tight
To find out what you want to know
If it's love, if it really is, it's there in his kiss

(How 'bout the way he acts)
Oh no, that's not the way
You're not listenin' to all I say
If you wanna know if he loves you so it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Oh, Oh, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Oh yeah, it's in his kiss
(That's where it is)
Ooh, it's in his kiss
That's where it is
It's in his kiss
That's where it is
Ooh, it's in his kiss
Ooh, it's in his kiss
Oh, it's in the kiss

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Together!

"I am getting rusty at teaching!" is my morning chime now, everytime I have to wake up and peel myself off the bed and get ready to drive back to class and teach. I have been imparting grammar tales to non speaking English students for more than a week now, and have yet to warm up the engine of this antique car. There are a lot of differences in teaching, 5- 7 years ago and now. For instance, I didn't tire easily then. I worked long hours, sometimes teaching extra time late into the night, standing and pacing around the class. The chair was merely posing as my handbag and my files' stand. My voice was also crispier and clearer and I was hardly down with sore throats. At present, I am consumed by exhaustion after each class and gripped with that gritty sensation where the vocal chords are located. I'm not quite certain exactly to the cause of this lethargy. It probably lies in the set of the zero English speaking students I'm teaching or the fact that I'm multi tasking between baking, delivering, housewifing, tutoring and ferrying my kids around. Or's me getting old and weary. Whatever the reasons might be, I have to admit that I kinda enjoy teaching again. It's truly the power held at the tip of the marker pen that does it for me. I hope I don't have to fling it, targetting those inattentive students at the back row. Let's just be happy together kids, me and you in class.

Another set of guys and gals to face tomorrow and this time I'm bringing cupcakes. Maybe that will keep them in their seats a little bit longer. Where's that Azar book now?

Doyle inspired

Happy Birthday Sweet Fitriyah!

Thanks so so much Kak Rogayah for the order.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Waiting to Exhale

If I were to say "... it took a lot of guts to go back to teaching", You can't imagine how literal that was. A lot of guts is mild compared to what I had to go through. It was more of a disembowelment process to be exact!

My tummy has always been giving me problems ever since the cystectomy I had to undergo 5 years ago. Prof Zainul(very very sweet guy, I think all doctors should be as sweet as him, but unfortunately doctors kat malaysia ni susah sangat nak senyum and appear caring, semua pun macam marah je kita datang nak jumpa dia, Argh!) had forewarned me about the complications and the discomforts of post surgery and I swallowed it in a stride. "... your inside has been realigned, it is not the same as it was, so the journey of things would be different." well those were not his exact words but the gist is basically there. Due to the procedure, somehow, I am now lactose intolerant, and after yesterday I just found out I am also soya intolerant.

Tau Fu Fa is a favourite dessert in this house and every pasar malam trip I would spend around 4 to 5 rgt just to buy them. Still, there were never enough for the kids and the mama. Consequently, the story of making my own tau fu fa began. Followed the recipe given by one of the RN members,(will share the recipe later) equipped with the biggest pot I could find and with three handfuls (my daughter's, my son's and mama's)of kacang soya which was joyfully dumped into the blender, the tau fu fa experience has certainly reached its ultimate level of our infinite consumption! Everyone was extremely excited, imagine...unlimited servings of tau fu fa, no more squabbling, no more screaming of who should have the last spoonful, no more eating behind the washing machine for me, he he he, and all the money that we could save to buy keropok lekor and mangga juice and roti John instead! Looking at the Tau Fu Fa pot was liberating enough, for all three. Scoops and scoops of Tau fu fa were dropped inside the kids bowl with generous amount of brown sugar syrup, served chilled. We were in Tau Fu Fa haven that day. The kids kept coming back for more, and even with one big pot, they still quarelled. Yours truly had probably only, not that many, a meagre amount of three bowls.

The following day was supposed to be my first day of teaching at one of the local Universities, after being absent for more than five years. I was overwhelmed with mixed emotions of anxieties, insecurities, super natural entities, malas-ties and no baju to wear-ties.(laughs) I was having butterflies in my tummy, and so I thought, it was actually the initial rumble in the bronx of my disembowelment episode. At 2am approximately,the purging and vomitting commenced. I was practically hanging my self onto the toilet seat. However, I managed to crawl back to bed only at 4.30am. Exhausted, and drained of fluids I woke up at 6am and prepared my kids to school before I ran back up to express myself again. I rummaged my fridge for some sort of medication to stop the purging and found nothing...except for my son's pink ubat cirit. I held my breath and downed the whole bottle! It was the worst medication I have ever tasted, a mix between sludge, slime and Shrek's wax. But it worked!

Approaching the class with the inhales and exhales of shoop shoop sheesh, shoop shoop shees, I prayed hard I would not accidently slip a malodorous offender in class and made a fool of myself. Taught them for two hours with lots of activities and vocabulary exercises and triumphantly kept all sorts of fetid, repugnant air within. None of the students could tell from my bluish face that I was trying to contain myself and that is victory in every meaning of the word. It is true like they say, definition of success differs from one person to another. Just for today alone, the meaning of success for yours truly is simply facing a room full of zero English speaking Arab students with ... a lot of guts!(pun intended)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

If I Could Bring You The Garden of Eden...

When someone dearest to you whom you love so much falls gravely ill, you crumble at the thought of not meeting her again. Hopelessness permeates the air in Manchester where my friend was, and the idea of hopping on the next flight didn't seem so bad at all. However, my friend braved through her exams and completed her thesis first whilst praying hard for her opah to be there in person when she flies back to Taiping.

The moment she touched down on Malaysian soil she immediately called me.

Salina : Wiz, I'm here! I will be going back to Taiping as soon as I get my Visa and other papers settled.

: Yey! Salina, you're back! So when are you coming here...bla bla bla ( I was terribly excited upon hearing her voice that I have totally forgotten that she was here for a purpose)

Salina: I won't have much time to go visiting but will try to go and see you. I called to ask you to make cakes for my grandma. I want you to do something beautiful, something that she could feast her eyes on. I want her to look at all things cantik before she goes. No more pantang for her, no point for that. I want her to eat whatever she fancies.

Wiz : Alright Salina. I will try to come up with something. Talk to you later k.

Taiping is also very close to my heart. My grandmother is also there and we spent half of our childhood in that old town. I recalled forcing our Pak Ngah to drive us to the Lake garden every evening which he gladly did and my cousin's struggle to catch a duck in the duck catching competition in the lake itself and not to mention those many hours trekking the Maxwell Hill with MakNgah in my effort to lose the flab around my tush. I could just write endlessly about Taiping but that deserves another entry.

The cake I made for Salina, encapsulates my feelings of Taiping Lake Garden. The composition was about the flowers and greens in white flower pots which aligned the streets around the lake. I wanted to do the big trees and the playgrounds and the monkeys and the lakes but who am I kidding folks? I am not that good.

I wish Salina and family would be strong during these times of sadness. My prayers for her Opah's health and well being.

They may just be cakes to some people but to me they are an extension of my best wishes, my warmest regards and most of all my Du'as.

Another tray ordered by Salina.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Prose of A Rose

A rose relates a bountiful of emotions,
it renders the feeling of warm affections.
It offers love when the heart says desire,
a devotion of passion never ceases to tire.

A rose is handed in other occasions,
after a hard work completing a mission,
or a simple gesture to express gratitude,
of accomplishing a task with such magnitude.

A rose is wrapped prettily with ribbons,
offering the unwell a piece of heaven,
it says get well soon we miss you so,
hope you would be up and about tomorrow.

A rose relays messages of such decree
expressing congratulations or even I'm sorry,
All that it is able to say, it says it well,
from the smiling faces, right away you can tell. :o)


Thanks Wati for the order!

Ps. My camera has gone bonkers. I'm using my sister's camera which functions are not familiar to me. Hence the bad photo.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bon Voyage!

Retirement cakes for a very special Headmaster Mr.Chang Fang Chong. The whole school wishes you many happy days of globe trotting!

Thanks for the order Anne!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

When You Wish...

I consider myself so fortunate and privileged folks, to be able to see the delighted expressions on all of the birthday kids, of young and old, I presented my cakes to. The joy, the excitement it ignites would make the new year fireworks celebrations a boring spark in broad daylight. Each smile received is therapeutic for me, sort of the food for the soul which could have attributed to my youthful vigour(giggles, perasan!) Therefore, I would like to express my deepest appreciation to customers, who have become friends of Wiz, a big thank you for all your support and generous gestures. You have in turn meaningfully, make my wish come true ten folds back.

I would have to do a lil curtsy now and bow out for this might be my last entry. Moments after this, would probably contain only pictures of cakes that I managed to bake in between stuff. Sadly, I would have to end my musing and ranting of this old tree, to avoid misunderstandings of fellow readers. I have a few more cakes to create and deliver next week before I start teaching again. So to the visitors of a whiz, to you I render my thanks too, for accompanying me in this breathtaking journey. You were a good listener, the friend in my darkest and brightest hour, the cup of warm chocolate milk who kept me company and sat through with me all these nights. To you, I thank you!

*If I don't write anymore, it could only mean I am well and busy.

Thanks Annis for the order!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yes, No, Maybe, I Don't Know

"Are you happy working from home, really, tell me" queried a friend. She was baffled to why I had quit my job and living the role of a busy mother. "Aren't you worried about the future, the uncertainties of life without that monthly paycheck?" I didn't have answers for that neither do I know what life holds for me. But what I know is when I get up in the morning I am happy! I need not put on fancy office attires and trudge to the office with that fake smile planted on my face. I was in the teaching line and I love teaching with all my heart but that was it. My heart wasn't at the office anymore, it was at home. Now, I am released from all the pressure of the 9 to 5 sometimes 9 to 9 job, but unfortunately my husband isn't. I am confronted with guilt for making him work extra hard for the family and he wears it on responsibly with not a single breath of reproach. However, looking at him now with the increased wrinkles on his forehead pains me. Even though I don't earn that monthly income, I have never asked him money for any of my needs. I have my cake business which pays for the kids' and my cravings. I have never imposed on him financially and hopefully I would never have to. As financially independent as I may be, guilt still reigns in my entire system and it sucks!

The new job he recently took on has been making him work triple hard. He reaches home around 10pm daily and goes out again at 7am. Work at his office seems to breed uncontrollably with him posed as coordinators for four courses plus the 17hours of teaching and not to mention his on going Masters degree which he is having difficulties concentrating on. And trust me, that is just the tip of the iceberg. He has not only lost weight but also time with us, that vigour, that smile, that twinkle in his eyes which used to indicate his optimism. My better half is unhappy and I am a probable cause to it.

It's Saturday today and the time just clocked 11.00pm. He is still at the office complying to the work the boss ordered him to do which could have been delegated more compassionately. I can't help but feel sorry for him. If I don't feel sorry for him, who will ? Nobody. And so with this guilt brewing in my chest I have accepted a few part time teaching jobs. Less caking people, there won't be much of cakey stories now, perhaps more on the anecdote of being a teacher again.
So, who wants to car pool with me? I'll bring cakes?
Cake ordered by the Boss. Thanks for the order Boss!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Two Salinas in A Row!

Many moons ago I received orders from two Zizis back to back. This week's orders charted from two different Salinas : Salina Salim and Salina Sahil. Both are equally beautiful in their own right, ordering cakes for their loved ones. Salina Salim from Manchester had pretty cupcakes sent to her mother and Salina Sahil requested lovely cupcakes for her sweet daughter on her 12th Birthday Bash at Kinrara Golf Club. Heartfelt thanks to both of you from Wizcakes®. May happiness serenade the birthday occasion you are celebrating. Below are pictures of Firzana the birthday girl as well as all the birthday cupcakes.

Happy Happy Birthday Firzana! Pink suits you sweetly!
Warmest Regards
Aunty Wiz

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Way I Am

It's amazing how music has the power to compose my mood and mental state. The energy derived from each song either pulls me apart or pulls me through the day. I would naturally try to feed my ears with songs which would have me tapping to good mood and this particular one is a definite mood enhancer. I love the simplicity of the melody, the catchy tune, and the beautiful lyrics. It's been playing inside my mind continuously, humming to it all day long. There's this world that you get sucked into when you sing your favourite songs. The realm of a magical place located somewhere between the clouds and the rainbow wherein you glide and slide to move around. Time passes by slowly with plenty of things to see and do, bouncing on the clouds and puffing them up again are definitely some of the itineraries. And I am certain you feel the same way too, or am I the only one who constantly floats into this wonderful beautiful space? I do apologize if I appear spaced out. It's just The Way I Am!

This one's for you chamee!

If you were falling, then I would catch you.
You need a light, I'd find a match.

Cause I love the way you say good morning.
And you take me the way I am.

If you are chilly, here take my sweater.
Your head is aching, I'll make it better.

Cause I love the way you call me baby.
And you take me the way I am.

I'd buy you Rogaine when you start losing all your hair.
Sew on patches to all you tear.

Cause I love you more than I could ever promise.
And you take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.
You take me the way I am.

These muffettes were supposed to look like a bouquet of sunflowers. Thanks so much Nina for the order! Have a pleasant journey back to Holland.

Monday, January 7, 2008

A Strong Word

"I hate him, I hate him!" exclaimed Iman.
"Who do you hate so much ni" I looked at her in bewilderment out of the sudden outburst.
"Adik la Mama" she burst out again.
"Why do you dislike him so much? What has he done now?"
"Eeeeeeeeeeeee! Tak suka la adik tu!" was the only reply I got.
Iman stormed upstairs mumbling, grumbling and squealing nonsensically with the word hate in between. I said..."Iman, don't use the word hate, how many times must I tell you?!" My eyes were scanning the rooms for the little brother, keen to see what he was up to. As I moved to the front, I saw the fridge's door ajar, trails of jelly I made on the floor with the hand towel hung on one of the chairs which led to Adnin enjoying a glass of the last jelly which the sister saved for herself.
My daughter has always been the type who saves the best for last, and one who savours the things that she likes trying to keep them as long as she can. Unlike adik, he gobbles everything up and then tries his luck begging for other people's share. There were always equal amount of whatever I made to ensure that they don't fight but fight is what they ended up with most of the time. I tried telling Iman to finish her treats quickly as fast as Adnin so that there won't be anymore to quarrel about, but it fell on deaf ears.
It was the same old storyline when I was a child, fighting over food with my Nyah and of course I lost all the time! He took, seized, kidnapped, yanked, stole captured whatever I was holding and if I tried to put up a fight he would say"...nak buat cara baik ke or cara kasar?" What choice did I have then, I was small he was bigger. Though there were times when I did put up a fight in my own special ways of course. No, I didn't cry nor did I hit him. I just went into his room when he was out to play, and hid all his underwear! ha ha ha, till there was none to wear. And if I were angry at my yeop I would drop his favourite hairbrush in a pail of water, to which he would run amok after. It was hilarious. Despite of all the quarrelling and fighting and underwear treasure hunting, I never hated my brothers, even if I forced myself to. Boys will always be boys. It's somehow a standard mechanism in them to make their sibling's' life miserable. I tried talking to Iman about the world order of brothers agonizing sisters' lives and that she is not the only one suffering from this predicament. I related to her of all the stories of my childhood, how tormented and misrable I was and after each story she would laugh.
"Why did you laugh Iman?" hoping for her to see the point of my stories here.
" It's so funny!" and I said..."It wasn't funny then to me." She was still laughing with adik also chuckling not knowing what the sister was laughing about. "But Pakngah and Ayeop were funny mama!" If you think that they were funny, why couldn't you think your brother was funny too? The talk about "how brothers may irritate you at first but actually they colour your life " soon followed after. She seemed to understand at first, but with adik still poking her with his light saber from the back whilst I was explaining it to her didn't help to facilitate the whole point, ha ha ha. "Hate is a strong word", I continued..."please try not to use it, especially with your family members or friends. You may use, don't like, dislike, disapprove, but not hate ok?" She didn't nod her head instantly but was just staring at her brother and finally said ..."I don't like him very much!" Her brother was making all these silly looking expressions on his face when I jolted..." But Iman, how could you not like a face like that?" Then all of us laughed really hard.

From Manchester with Love

My dearest friend Salina ordered these for her Mum's birthday all the way from Manchester. She emailed me a picture she fancied from the net and instructed me to duplicate the design. The design is Kylie Lambert and Zalita inspired but of course theirs were so much more impeccable. So Kylie and Zalita if you guys are reading this, you are such an inspiration!

Thanks Salina for the order!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Broke and Broken

New year poses new financial situations everytime, for this unemployed mum. There are a lot of things that needed to be paid, bought, settled, ironed out. If only that money tree I constantly receive from my face book friends could actually be used! I reckoned I wouldn't be writing this entry right now.

When our PM broke the good news that education is free for all Malaysians last year, I was ecstatic! No more school fees, textbooks to buy, those endless memos reminding the things which we constantly needed to pay such as computer fees, sukan fees, PIBG fees etc. So, when I registered my daughter to a Convent school this year, I didn't bring that much money with me. I had probably 200rgt, enough I thought to purchase all the necessary stationery ,workbooks and badges. Happily the three of us hopped and skipped to school, literally, and had wished to get everything paid and done in just one day. Then, the bomb was dropped as I was just about to go get the book list. "...Puan, ini bayaran yang perlu dijelaskan sebelum masuk sekolah and ni, list buku2 darjah empat" Total yuran was RM105.5 and workbooks were!? I thought everything was free? except for the books of course. I just settled the yuran sekolah which included yuran ikhlas paksarela(Adiejin's word)PIBG of RM50. We walked back to the car without that spring in our steps, well for me at least. I had to go back to fetch more money in my cake tin and go back to the book store to purchase all the books. I have already paid for my son's kindergarten which totalled up to RM835! I refused to worry my other half with all these as he needs to pay for the car, the house, nak service kereta lagi, his study fees at UKM, his books and so many other bugging stuff. But alhamdulillah, we have triumphantly paid for everything this year, no hutang or the use of credit cards. All cash and carry and gendong and seret(laughs)

Still on broke and broken mode, yesterday morning I discovered that one of my small ovens failed to function! And I had trays of cupcakes to make! Thank god the cupcakes were only for my kids' and hubby's consumptions. If not I would be doomed for eternity of customers condemnation and marahzation and kutuknation, ha ha ha. But not to worry friends, as I am writing this, the car is already in the warming up mode and I would be off to Tesco or Carrefour to fetch me self a brand new oven. Any sponsors before I made the purchase?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Just Too Sexy!

Gifts for a great bunch of colleagues who rock all the days of the week! Cupcakes are created for a group of happening ladies and kewl guys with the best work ethics ever. The accompanying song is for you folks!

Thanks Linda for the order!

Lady cupcakes are inspired by Su Yin. Thanks Su Yin!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The First Cake of The Year

New day, new year,
new cake, new cheer,
old self, old hand,
old cloth, old stand.
New faith, new vision,
new stake, new mission!
Old this, new that,
old recipes, new pack!
New look, new perspectives,
A sweet treat as alwiz!

The first cake for this year was ordered by a doting mother Anis for her Lil Areya who has just turned one!
Happy Birthday Areya!
You can read Anis's new adventures as she takes on her new role as a new SAHM(stay at home mum)here.

Thank you Anis for the order. I do hope the bear looks like Brannan. I was trying very hard not to make it look like an Ewok! he he he.