Monday, December 29, 2008

Salam Maal Hijrah

Hijrah to me is making the exodus to change.

Change to be better.
Change to be stronger.
Change to be richer.

Better in work.
Better in relationships.
Better in self.

Stronger in emotions.
Stronger in appearance.
Stronger in opinions.

Richer in iman.
Richer in wealth.
Richer in health.


Today, InsyaAllah and Alhamdulillah everything commences.

Thanks Shikin!

Thanks Zana!

Thanks Hanim!

And to kick off this year with a good start I would like to offer simple package of my muffs priced at only RM35 for a set of 49 pcs. Only fudgy chocolate flavour is available for this package with your choice of sprinkles.( choc drops, chocolate rice, or coloured rice, or even plain choc fudge top)

Something like below...

Hope to hear from you!

Salam Maal Hijrah to everyone.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Season's Greetings

Thanks Yong!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Here's a collection of my Christmas treats this year. I'm off for a short break just for a few days minding children's school preparations. New bags, new uniforms, new shoes, books and badges, dozens of pencils and bags of erasers to buy.

I made one box (49 pcs)of extra Christmas muffs people, and it is on Sale! Only RM35 for 4 assorted flavours of mocha, carrot, vanilla and chocolate. Normal price is 60rgt.
49 muffs assorted flavours all in one box! RM35 Hurry! Sold!

Do email me ASAP at

For self pick up only alright.

Till next time, drive safe.

Thanks Kubad!

Thanks Nisa!

Thanks Syaza!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Been Around The World and Ai Yai Yai!

Thanks Calvin for the pointers.

My mother tells me a lot of things, which I seldom take a listen to tee he he he. But out of all the things she imparts, there's one that embraces me strongly. I live by those words, ones I tightly grapple on to when things swerve to undesirable directions. The same words I take when I rest my head at night and the exact one I wake up to before I start my day. I believe by adhering to those words, dreams somehow do come true. I just have to be steadfast in my goals and be consistent in my missions. Her words are uncomplicated. They are as lucid as the complexion of babies, as gentle as the breeze in their hair and as effortless as the patter of their feet. (I so want a baby!!!!!)

My mother lives by the words that her late father left her and that granted her almost all the dreams she has ever sown. Dreams, made of colourful destinations materialized with the simple reliance on those words, strong belief and lots of Du'as. Nothing is tagged as impossible folks, if you believe and visualize it constantly and vehemently.

As far as my journey has pathed, I have travelled far ... metaphorically. I get to do cakes for people of different countries and whilst at that I often imagine my presence gracing that country one day. It keeps the spring in my steps especially after googling how enchanting certain places are. And where has this spatula flown me to this week?

Japan, New York, Vietnam, KL and next week Holland. Watch out Z!

I have never been to any of the above countries and as my mother would tirelessly remind her children ...

"...keep wishing!" and that has made all my journeys come true.

Thank You Liyana!

Thank You Sandra and Denso!

Thank You Sonia and Sonia's Parents!

Thank You Zairin!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Less Lonely People In The World

Thanks Nadiah!

There's this beautiful, wonderful feeling folks each time I step into a wedding hall or a house. The scent of the bunga rampai, the sweet aroma of fresh flowers, the vibes derived from all things nice are just intoxicating. It is amazing how everyone and everything simply radiates in love, velveting every single second with tender enchantments and gentle remembrance of their own weddings. Romance isn't just felt by the bride and groom but it overwhelms everyone present. I often steal glimpses at other couples of young and old at weddings and thrive from the strong bond and affection visible even to the untrained eyes. The "I love you" glances thrown at each other, those "...remember?" smiles, and that "for better for worse" clasps of their hands, move me tremendously. All the hardship, struggle and chaos of throwing a wedding seem to be nonexistent, frivolous to the paramount feeling of Love.

As I set up my last wedding cake of the year at this magical location folks, I looked around as I always do, just to have a little sip of love and romance present that night. The view of trickling yellow lights, the ravishing deep red wedding theme and the love songs which permeated the garden filled me up entirely. My hunger and my fatigue were satisfied with just that.

In fulfillment I walked back to the car, clutching my other half's hand leaving the place knowing that there were two less lonely people in the world now. And more less lonely people there would be as I accept more wedding cake orders in days and years to come.

For better, for worse, insyaAllah, I am here to stay.

For better for worse chamee.

Below are some other wedding and hantarans cakes which wizcakes was priviledged to cater for.

Thanks Rohaidah!

Thanks Natasha!

Thanks Ermira!
Thanks Norley!
Thanks Si Kucing Family!

Two Less Lonely People in the World - Air Supply

Monday, December 8, 2008

Have A Cake

I have yet the time to sit down and write a proper account of my silence. There are always things to do, kids to run to, self to argue, cakes to brew. Lapses of memories are soon fading, I might not be able to write at all. Or just maybe it isn't just memories dissipating but writing meaningfully is.

As for now, these hands could only bake and cake. Will rake not this brain to fake. I have been reduced to a piece of dessert now. Bear with me till the last sweet crumb folks.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone!!!

Thanks Zizi for this lovely order.

Thanks Juwa!! Next time trus gi rumah k! Linda, ni adik awak la ni. I tak prasan till I saw her.

Thanks Izanie. Glad they matched with the rest of the do.

Thanks Hanny. It was nice meeting you.

Thanks Aliza for the order.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

All This Time

Casting everything aside, I trudged to the front of the computer uploading cake pictures which I have promised customers to feature. It has been too long. The camera begged to be emptied, pictures were exploding to the brim. Challenged with extremely limited memory, spaces needed to be cleared to make way for more photos. I had lots to take and each shot narrates its own caption. The "lots" however has nothing to do with cakes.

But for now, only pictures of cakes I have to offer. No stories, no tales, not yet. There are just cakes that have been keeping me busy for ...all this time.

Thanks Wai Quan!

Thanks Lisa!

Thanks Khairiah!

Thanks Marina!

Thanks Firdaus!

Thanks Azilah!

Thanks Haidan for hundreds and hundreds of these. Make sure next time you give me more than 48 hours alright.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Sleeping" Thru My Fingers

It wasn't a complicated plan nor was it an intricate idea to understand. It was plain simple and straight forward. I had to relent...again to let go. Little voices have been ringing in my head asking for permission to spend the holidays elsewhere on their own without me for a week or so. These little voices have promised to behave, to be good with their cousins, never are to fight or quarrel at any given day. They even packed their own bags without any parental guidance on what to bring, solid in their intentions of making it on their own, living their hopes to spend the holidays with their grandparents. This would be the first of the firsts. I have never been away from my son ever since he was born, hence the apprehension.

The morning after before the departure they lined up their bags in a row for mama's inspection. My heart just sank when I discovered some of the must have items in their respective bags. Apart from the toiletries, cards, toys and books there were photo frames of our pictures tucked amongst all of the above. On the side pockets were my pyjama pants, one each for them to sleep with at night. The clothes were nicely paired together, the undies folded in a fist just like I do them. I chocked for a while, not out of overwhelming emotions but out of guilt. Initially, the bags which I was about to seize came with my ill thoughts of them not meeting with the requirements. I readied myself to be angered with the stashed up bajus, the missing pair of pyjamas, the absent of their toothbrushes, the inappropriate folding of their clothes. Instead all I could find was the opposite of what I had pictured in mind. Everything was in place, in order. The only thing unruly that day was my heart.

I wasn't ready to see them off, even for just a little while at my own parents' house. Call me over protective, paranoid, emotional, call me anything, I am indeed all those. Perhaps, I was afraid of me missing them more than they would me. Perhaps it is me who needs them more than they need me.

It has been 2 days now, yes, just two days of complete silence in this house. A resounding conclusion has rung in this head of mine. That is my strength derives from them, roots from their mere presence. I am at the moment, weak.

Till next week, I am totally dependent on the energy left in their pillows. For now, that's my ration, my only source.

My little girl no more. She's all grown up now with the recent class award she received at her school. Proud of you Iman!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

...been raining.

The sun has slid into the pillows of puffy clouds above, straining the rays from piercing through. The days of late have been dimmed to minimal sunlight turning all the cake pictures captured, a bit dark and bluey. Fortunately, the gloomy days didn't taint this frail spirit of mine. I was kept busy all days of the week delivering cakes from one end to another. In between everything, I had to attend a seminar in PJ, bake some cakes for my doctor(thanks Kubad), attend my son's and daughter's prize giving ceremony, meet up with my future employer and right now, I'm packing my bags to head up north to Ipoh. Will tell you more about a little of each next time folks.

I leave you with some pictures of this week's cakes. Thanks so much to all who have ordered.

Thanks Julie
Thanks Kak Faridah
Thanks Sonia
Thanks Julie
Thanks Rashidah
Thanks Alia
Thanks Engku Azam

My thanks also go to Azenita, Anne and Kubad for your orders. I haven't got the pictures of your cakes here due to the bad shots of the photographs.

Keep those umbrellas by your side, sometimes it pours.