Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Recycle of Life

Meet The "R" Team.This special force is led by Peter Lim also known as the local Indiana Jones for unearthing treasures in their daily missions. In fact, Mr Peter Lim and his gang run a much better worthy cause in comparison to all the other movie heroes combined. He helps collect and gather unused or second hand items from home owners like us and fix them up before relinquishing them to the needy. Bulky items collected range from electrical goods, home furniture, bicycles, mattresses, simply anything in your house that is still in good condition. Don't dump them, discreetly, or leave those bulky items at some dumping areas, instead donate them.

I did just that last weekend. I had in possession of 1 queen size mattress, 1 round medium sized dining table, 1 exercise machine which I never used and only functioned as clothes hanging place, baby strollers, baby rocker and high chair, a baby car seat, a lot of other baby stuff which I don't have any ideas what they are called, collapsible picnic table which was used as my dining table masa baru2 kahwin dulu, a box of shoes from my university days, bajus that were given to us but never found the right occasions to wear them, more kids clothes and a few other stuff. I emptied one store room, under the bed and 1 almari and it felt good in many ways. Of course for one, the thought of us donating to a noble cause and the other was the feeling of regaining some space in our house to make room for more junk in the future, he he he. We never thought we had that many stuff but the more we clean up the more stuff we found and the more mess we make. The house is topsy turvy now by the way and in the course of me dragging and lifting the heavy items I kinda sprained or twisted my right wrist. So bengkak la sikit but it hurts tremendously especially when I need to deco my cake. The result is evident in the cakes of my last entry, the herots and the benyuts everywhere.

Anyway, Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar as it is called, is a non profit organization and you can read more about their work here. They organize 88 mobile centres weekly, owns 99 recyle box daily and provide pick up services for bulky items for free. They contribute a lot to the society by giving free education to orang asli children, donating to single mothers and welfare homes, providing free medical services to the needy, helping the tsunami victims, aiding the fire victims, reaching out to the homeless, the abandoned and the disabled.

If you have extras to give give away, please don't hesitate to call this organization. They send the nicest troupe to your house with smiles all over their faces, humbled by your gesture to donate. I was overwhelmed by the "R" team and in return of their kind help, I packed them my frozen cakes to each of the team members. It lit up their faces, but that was incomparable to the light they have lit up for my family and I. The light of "the realization" that we too can help reach out to the needy and the unfortunate in the simplest way we know how. So to Mr. Peter and friends, thanks for dropping by my house the other day and helped me clear up the little space I have. I sincerely hope in some ways I have helped to create a livable space to the ones that needed it the most.

Pertubuhan Amal Seri Sinar
No. 1 Jalan Bukit Permai Utama,
Taman Industrial Bukit Permai,
56100 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.

Supported by the Ministry of Housing and Local Government

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kc said...

thanks for the address given. i got dozens of junk (in good working condition) stucked upstairs with hardly no space to shove at.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

this is an awesome cause, definitely would support it for 100%!! We are very very big here on recycling here in Belgium! Infact we get fined if we dont separate our 'garbage',i hv been doing these just for 5 years or so and i feel bad everytime i return to Spore where recycling is still not big at all! Now in our household, we hv very very little waste, cos we re-use, re-cycle everything we can... good on ya Wiz for putting this up! Hugs xx Happy New year babe!

Salina said...

Happy New Year Wiz! Hope you have a great cuppies and cakey year in 2008 and may all your wishes come true! Make sure that you include "to visit Salina in Manchester" as one of your resolutions for the year 2008!

So when i return to Bandar Mahkota i know where to dump 'my junks' !In the UK too recyling is big and used items that are donated to the charity shops are in good and clean condition. I hope Malaysians do not treat the R team as garbage collectors.

My students and i had a bad experience when we appealed for donation for the tsunami victims. We received stained shirts, smelly old clothes god how inhumane can some Malaysians be and sad to say these donators are muslims. If one says "it's the thoughts that count" i would like to ask back what kind of thought did one have when one sent rejected stuff! Thank god we also received brand new clothings from people with beautiful hearts!

Happy New Year to all Malaysians and hopefully every body will be sincerely generous when donating to the needy!