Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A "Mush"y Week!

Drizzles of tiny raindrops have been ushering our days for the past week. I do adore the wishy washy state we are in, the clean driveway, the pure air, the water drops on all my thirsty plants and the ambiance created after, all seemed too lovely for this pair of eyes. The air feels crispier and fresher and you can't help but feel like you are in a temperate country, welcoming the cool season of spring. As an adult, I don't mind relaxing in my wing chair with a book or a magazine and sipping a warm mug of tea all day long. But that is an unlikely scenario at my house when you are stuck with two kids plus 2 hyper active nephews! The rain has confined them between these four walls, and entertaining them has become torturous for me. Hunger pangs come every 2 minutes for these gorgons. I have filled my cookie jars with several types of biscuits, now almost reduced to crumbs. In between snacks they would be served with meals ranging from spaghetti to enormous servings of hot dogs. Lunch is lost in the middle of breakfast and snack time and tea. They are always munching, you can't hardly tell what meal time it is.

Having a pauper for an aunt doesn't really help them in pushing me out of the house for the fast food eg McDonald's and the likes. They have to settle for home cooked meals instead. I managed however, in my littlest time and my tiniest budget to entertain the kids with activities outside the house via Makyang's way. The first day that they were here, I took them to watch Hockey games semi final and final matches at Stadium Bukit Jalil, entrance fee - None, Food - brought some snacks from home and bottles of water too. We even stayed back to celebrate with the champion and took pictures. We waited till everybody was gone and had the entire turf to ourselves and the kids did what they do best, run!
Second day was movie day! Yay! Drove them to the nearest cinema and we watched Enchanted. I booked only three kids' tickets and 1 adult, convincing my little kiddo that we needed to hug each other for warmth, he agreed and loved the idea. In my captain caveman's handbag, tucked all the snacks for the kids to nibble. There were nuggets, cheese biscuits, keropoks and sweets and bottles of water Two hours after that, the kids were hungry again, and they were eyeing on McDonald's and I strayed them to Pizza Hut instead.I have discovered that it is cheaper to dine in Pizza Hut than any other fast food joints. A meal for 4 kids and 1 adult only cost us RM17.83 or something. They couldn't even finish the whole meal, there were two slices left!

The third day was a beautiful day so we decided to go out and play under the friendly weather. I am not a member of any clubhouse and have no access to any swimming pool, except for one, my sister's place! Yay again! We drove off to Taman Tun and allowed the kids to splash around the entire day, wrestling and fighting and screaming in the pool. There were many rounds of crying of course, but they would patch things up and make up in no time at all. We were so tired when we got back home, all sore and weary. I felt like going straight to bed leaving the kids to watch the dvd and fight for the remote control for all they want. But the day wasn't over yet, as I opened the gate to the house I saw this big brown envelope slid inside my mailbox. It was damp due to the rain and I knew right away who it was from. My very very dearest friends Mush has sent this to me all the way from Belgium. It was such a perfect ending to a hectic week. Thank you Mush dear, you certainly have put a smile on my face. I love the card and the Kloskanthuis Home Linen, it is as lovely as you are. Thank you thank you thank you!
There you have it folks, a mushy mushy week for me, from the weather to Mush's beautiful present. I would have to detach myself from this blog for awhile to prepare for the upcoming orders as well as the wedding favours to adorn the meja pengantin of the newly wed. My invited guest writer would entertain you after this with his sports write up of the hockey tournament we last saw. Till next time Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone. Have a safe journey home. To the Esa clan, see you in Ipoh!

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Glad u got it finally Wiz, i was convinced benda tu dah hilang dah! Wow what a hectic week, just imagine if u got 4 kids ; ) Take care Wiz, hugs for a good rest of the week, i go layan Nora now, she is healthy again and keeping her entertained for the day is a tiring job indeed ; )