Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Mingle with Pastels

Back to pastels this week, and I am all game. I love working with light shades, such a sight for sore eyes.

Thanks Zizi for the order!

2 treats:

Salina said...

The soothing colours are a real treat to my rabun eyes! What a lucky teacher! You should have made cupcakes when i was still teaching and i could order them as gifts to be given to my students for their end of semester farewell parties! I always ended up buying chocolate cakes or pizzas for them. Counting my days to January 13 to see you and family though the trip is short. I do hope that you won't be so busy when i get to see you!

mamazieza said...

So sweet and so mesti bukan cikgu yang perabis.. tapi anak murid yang berebut dulu..

psst.. ishhh Salina nak balik bercuti ke???? Jgn lupa ding dong kat mama... hehehe