Monday, December 3, 2007

For Zara

The past week had me dreaming about flowers, piping, drawing and moulding them. All my cakes were of blooms inspired and upon customers' requests I was occupied doing just that all week long.

A customer from Hulu Kelang however, was gracious enough to leave it up to me to come up with any design for the little muffettes. The cakes were to be given to her 26 year old daughter on her birthday. I figured she would appreciate something different, more contemporary using only two bold colours. I had her initial Z piped from melted chocolate and the entire cupcakes were composed to look like a big Z written in red. Hope she noticed that. The butter cream was flavoured with peppermint and strawberry. And to top it off, I conveniently placed tiny small little daisies and cherry blossoms on each muffette. Well, a girl can never have enough flowers can she?

Happy Happy Birthday Zara!

Thanks Kak Zawiyah for the order.

2 treats:

Kak Elle said...

as usual u killing me softly with those beautiful and delicious cakesssssssssssssss

ADIEJIN said...

eh sis, ini sunday pergi wedding tak ?