Monday, December 10, 2007

The Esa Clan

It is never easy to meet everyone of the Esa clan at one single time. There will always be a few members missing, either in action or in attendance. However, the "Do" we had this weekend managed to gather almost everyone in the family who graciously allocated the two days to attend the auspicious occasion. There was Cik Tan and family from Kedah, Ayah Cho and the ever smiling Aunty Dan, Chujan, Cik Nor, makyang, all came with all their family members. All my cousins were present giggling and gossiping away. Other than the enjoyable company, the food was worth the mention too. There was lasagna from kak Lin which I had three helpings from, (it was super duper good!) Nasi Dagang from Kakyong, Meehoon special from Makyang, Cupcakes, curry puffs from Da, tepung talam from makngah,(the best ever) and so many other treats that would put any 5 star buffet table to shame. Good Food plus good company left us feeling warm and fuzzy all day long and not to mention full!

I would like to thank everyone in the Esa Family here, especially Kak Lin and Makyang for hosting the event and allowing us to make a mess in your houses. And to Adik for letting the kids make a mess of the toys. Thank you thank you so much. And to the rest of the clan, your presence was felt in the most wonderful way ever imaginable. Thanks a bunch guys.

4 treats:

Salina said...

No wonder you were silent for quite some time. Well you are gonna be more busy soon with 'the menyambut menantu' kenduri Wiz. Hope you have piled on some pounds with all the good food and great company! I don't like to see you shrinking in an unhealthy way because of your work. You have always looked good with clear beautiful complexion and of course the ever sweet smiling face!

ADIEJIN said...

i was there...i was there oso..sampai lewat though..nasib baik still got food...hehe

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

all that food is making me drooL, did u doggy bag any of it for me?? = ) Thats a gorgeous cake Wiz! Congrats babe! U r so blessed with such talents! Dah dapat tak?? hope IT's not lost in the mail!!! = (

kc said...

best ek dapat berkumpul2 sesama keluarga besar camni.

i am still drooling at yr cuppies err i mean cupcakes (smile)