Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Do and The Don't

It's rather difficult not to write about something which you were so much apart of here. My fingers are incredibly itchy to just punch the keys on the keyboard and blog about the ceremony I had the chance to witness this weekend. It was a beautiful "Do" but unfortunately I am not allowed to share the pictures and the stories in this little space of mine. I have to obey the "Don't" with great respect and shall only upload the picture of the cake I made which managed to grace the joyous occasion in my next entry. Till then, need to clear up the cake mess in the kitchen, lie down with my feet up for a few days, and pack a picnic basket to watch the Samsung Hockey finals tomorrow between Germany and Australia and scream my heart out in the stadium (not rooting for any team though, but sure do need to let some steam out). After all that, only will I be ready to look at my oven again.

On a different note, saw a fellow blogger just now. Guess who this is? I guess you do know the person that I know. Thanks for coming!

5 treats:

anasalwa said...

You have such an incredible talent. Your cupcakes never fail to amaze me. I'm not a cake person, but I think I can't resist to try your gorgeous cupcakes when I have an opportunity.Once upon a time someone was very dear to me loved to call me his Cupcake:))

Wiz said...

Ana, you are indeed such a cupcake! Thanks for the sweet comments.

ADIEJIN said...

hehehe...oi tangkap gambar curi ek..hehehehe... it was a pleasure to be there. good to see that person we know is gonna be happy again. Allah bless him.

Wiz said...

Adiejin- I saw you, but you didn't see me! Muahahaha!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

glad everything went well and like somehow i knew it'd be beautiful!

anyway, that fellow blogger's back's nice! i assume the lady writes as well! hehehehhe..