Thursday, December 27, 2007

Clear Skies, All Smiles

The most anticipated event of the year for the Esa clan went on glitch less as hoped, alhamdulillah. It has been raining days prior to the event and my parents and the rest of the family prayed that it would not rain on the designated wedding day. And...alhamdulillah it didn't. The pretty blue sky adorned the occasion with the sun smiling down on us. It was indeed a beautiful clear warm day, perfect for pictures and ideal for receiving guests. Over 600 guests kindly graced our small kenduri, an occasion which united distant relatives and rekindled long lost friendships.The food was incredibly good with gulai masak lemak terung ikan masin being the favourite! Also served at the buffet table to go with the nasi minyak were rojak pasembur, daging dinding, roasted chicken with air asam, acar buah and for dessert, fruit cocktail. Alright folks, enough with the write up, let's have a feast with the pictures, courtesy of Widway's lenses.

And here's from mine
The bunga telur for the main table courtesy of wizcakes®

The next brides to be, the first one in this group would be Princess Shira! She's the one in blue, he he he.
To the newly weds, here's wishing..."Selamat Pengantin Baru, semoga berkekalan ke akhir hayat dan di kurniakan anak2 yang soleh dan solehah insyallah!" Amin.

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Siti Salina said...

Meriahnya Wiz and i have to say your brother's wedding's menu was really enticing! It's rare that people serve masak lemak gulai terung and pasembur rojak during a wedding. When i attended a malay wedding, I always hoped to see varieties in the dishes but most of the times the menu was uniformed from one wedding to another. How i wish our food caterers could be slightly more adventurous!

and daging dinding is one of my personal favourites too! Sigh...if only i was in Malaysia i would make a dash to Ipoh on that day!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

alhamdullilah everything went smoothly = ) our congrats to your brother Wiz! is that the last one to be married off or ade lagi yg tertinggal?? heheheh The menu for the wedding reception makes me drooL Wiz... ade pack kan sikit for Salina and i tak ?? U can orb it to us! ; ) The bunga telur looks fantastic, untung betul your family members..... well glad u r home, thx for sharing those pictures i can feel the warmth of the sun right thru my pc!! Hugs xx