Sunday, December 16, 2007


Which power of three am I? My silly question never seemed to grab my husband's periodic attention especially when he was concentrating his entire being watching the "Charmed" ones. I wasn't really expecting an answer but suddenly during a commercial break he muttered " I guess you are all three" I questioned him, "How's that?" Saje je fishing for compliments ha ha ha. He reciprocated..."Well, you have the power of freezing time with your eyes and finger. Whenever the kids are about to do mischief, you just wand your fore finger, somehow they stopped!" I laughed, and agreed(doing the finger motion). "How do I posses Phoebe's power then?" Curiously I asked. My husband continued..."You have Phoebe's power the most! Your premonitions are almost correct, especially predicting football results." "And Paige's power?" Well, you do orb yourself sometimes, tetiba je ada kat belakang orang, ha ha ha!" We both laughed in agreement to all my powers.

What a revelation! I never knew I had all these powers! After the enlightening conversation, I started to put my powers into good practice with my kids, especially. The Phoebe in me allows the telepathy communication with my husband(yeah right!) and when I am bored and tired with the screaming children I would orb myself to some place else with a book in my hand of course!

So if you don't see me around, I have probably orbed myself to Mush's place or to Salina's or to Zaza's, where the lands are all covered in white at this time of the year. So Mush, Salina and Zaza leave your portals opened, will be dropping by sometimes.

So, which power of three are you?

An ice cream cake with the "Charmed" theme.
Sara Nabila, happy happy birthday! Hope you'd be charmed by the cake.

Thanks Harlina for the order.

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Salina said...

Your debut ice-cream cake will definitely charm the tongues and hearts of your customers Wiz!

Let me see when was the last time i saw the three beautiful and sexy witches ... ages ago! Do they still play Charmed in Malaysia?

Salina said...

I think most women would have the three powers. I could freeze the time and stop my husband from doing what he is doing (he..he..he), possess a sharp instinct (a must for every woman) which scares my hubby to his boots at times and orb to people�s blogs when I feel nauseous of my thesis. What about the rest of the girls � Mush and Zaza?

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

They have been repeating Charmed a zillion times here in Belgium! I use to feel like Prue, the eldest, responsible for everything, always working, and hard to find love! But then later i have turned into Piper, the one married with kids! But only thing i dont hv of hers, is the ability to cook super delicious meals heheheheheh

Sista Wiz, i hv drawn the charmed symbol on my wall and will await your arrival via portal, we r open 24/7, so wiz in anytime! heheheh kalau portalling, dont forget to bring some of your delicious cupcakes! ; ) I shall be waiting, and FYI, we have a witch craft shop here too that sell all kinds fo witch stuff, even a spell book. Blessed be!!

Wiz said...

Yes, Salina, I do believe you have the power of three too!

Sista Mush, I shall orb anytime now, watch out! Gonna have to bring lots of warm clothing though, I know it's freezing over there.

ADIEJIN said...

cabuttttttttt...nanti kena vodoo ngan budak ni...masak kiter semua...cabutttt.... Eh since awak ada power, boleh kasi zazzz sama saya punya kapala ka ? kasi itu rambut tumbuh lebat sikit..

Wiz said...

Well Jin, not to boast but my husband (thru my powers he he he) wears a bushy hairdo on his head. Of course I can help you but I think I prefer your kapala as it is, it comes handy as a crystal ball! Zazzz! And by the way your style skrg ni is the in thing la jin, why do you wanna do away with it? Kewl apa? One of my bro is bald all over and he without a doubt thinks he is the most good looking guy ever walked this earth!

ADIEJIN said...

i want bushy hair like David U just got tagged in my blog...

Akmal said...

kak wiz,
waaaaauuu, i'm I am not vampire. Hahaha. I refer Balthazor, really. He is....erm...wicked hahahaha.
But nothing charms me more than your cakes do(",).

Wiz said...

Aren't you just a charming one akmal! You can be my whitelighter anytime.