Friday, November 30, 2007

To Mum With Love

This week's orders required the use of bright and striking colours. It's nice to shift from pastels to deep colours, as it gives me the practice to mix, match and complement the entire deco. Creating and decorating cakes for me have never been easy, I struggle every time. The more I struggle the more I learn and the more I learn, the more I accomplish. If this little struggle of mine could brighten other people's day and plant a smile on their faces, then it's worth the tussle, the wrangle and all the struggle in this world!

I would like to thank Siti Aishah for this order. She ordered these special muffette cupcakes to be presented to her mum as her Birthday and anniversary presents. They are leaving for Sungai Siput tonight to surprise her mum with these. Hope the whole family enjoys eating them.

2 treats:

Kak Elle said...

cantik nyaaaaaaaaaaaa:)

puteri hang li poh said...

dear wiz, I wouldn't want to eat your muffette cupcakes. I'd rather FRAME them! The whole composition is a work of art ... so beatiful. Congratulations. Keep up the good work.