Friday, November 2, 2007

Jatuh! Jatuh!

The striking difference between us and the omputehs is evidently in our ways of cheering. As I see it, the mat sallehs lend positive support accompanied with encouraging words which naturally lead to the participants, in any form of competitions or demonstrations like the above video, giving their best shot. The omputehs are very easy with "feel good" words which they magnanimously shower not only to their teammates but to other participants from the other competing teams. Tak kira la if they are sincere or not in their words but they are gracious enough to offer their support in the true spirit of sportsmanship. I have seen on TV and experienced it first hand when the mat sallehs cheered other peoples' kids apart from their own. I hardly see any booing or the uttering of negative words to bring down the other teams' spirit but only clapping and cheering. Now the question is, do we take example of that here? I figured we have a different way of cheering, the reverse psychology kinda way of saying the opposite to what we actually mean. The video says it all.

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Salina said...

Wiz perhaps your experiences were only with nice omputeh. Omputeh soccer fans in England can be real hooligans too if the team they support either wins of loses! I've seen it with my own eyes how fans fought esp when they were drunk in the tram! My house is quite near to the Old Trafford Stadium! To me it's so foolish to fight over a football match! There will always be another match!

Let me relate to you my experience masa muda-muda dolu!
My own experince the best malaysians' cheering was during the commonwealth Games ( held at Bukit Jalil! We cheered out heart out to support our contingent and it was paid off when our Malaysia won many medals during that Games! My lousiest experience was when i attended michael jackson's concert in KL. Someone sponsored me the most expensive ticket to see him performed(i grew up trying to imitate his moon walk steps but never succeed!) The show was good as he practically brought his video clips to the stage though i suspected he was miming throughout the concert! The crowd that i sat with was so boring! My friend and i was dancing and singing and clapping our hands and the rest just gave us cynical smile and 'jelingan yang tak so manja'. I just felt like telling them " uncles and aunties you're watching a concert not a movie!". however, those who bought the cheapest tickets were truly great! They did mexican waves and lit up candles and sang and danced throughout the night! I guess those people were his real fans! Now since i have retired from my concert days, i opt for more docile activities like watching the musicals and plays and still it doesn't stop me from clapping, crying, and squealing uuuh! and aahhh! i guess we are just a bit more expressive than other people!

Wiz said...

Salina, Let's put football aside. When it comes to football everyone's a hooligan including my other half!

Akmal said...

Kak Wiz,

Kinda funny to think something like this right? But you are right, reverse psych drive people PSYCH! We should speak out more positive things, don't you think so?