Monday, November 19, 2007

I Spy with My Eye...

Fridays to Sundays are the busiest time for me. All cakes are due on these three days and you can see me accomplishing simple tasks in such haste. I would feed my kids much faster,(yes they are all still being fed, suap till the last grain of rice) walk in a scurried pace, and talk incomprehensibly, only could be understood by myself. It's a time when I see but I don't look, I hear but I don't listen, I wonder but I don't think. This is also the opportune time for my kids to take advantage of doing things they are not supposed to and asking for things they normally will not get. When they see their mama in a zombie like state, they start trying their luck with questions like "...Ma can I play with Baba's torchlight?, Ma can I take the powder? Ma, I am taking this cloth ok? And to all those questions I answered with Yes, Ok, Be careful. I could hardly hear what they were asking in that murmuring mode, and honestly I just wanted them to be away from the kitchen leaving me alone with my work. When later after all the cakes were done, I would end up with a bad sore throat as result of screaming and shouting at the discoveries of talcum powder cum shampoo mess on the toilet floor, my husband's torchlight conked out with pieces here and there and the cloth? it was used to cover the scene of the crime. No, it wasn't funny then, I was furious coz that's the only torchlight we have for emergencies and I almost slipped when I went into the toilet, definitely not funny. But later after the children have all gone up to bed leaving me with the living hall to tidy up, I broke into a laughing frenzy...when I saw my son's spider man all dressed up in my daughter's barbie doll gown, a pink one. Only then, I laughed...still laughing.

On a spydee note, I made this cake for my good customer Anne. Hope the birthday boy Amar likes it. As you can see I am just terrible with drawings. I think I will stick to fondant.

4 treats:

Akmal said...

Kak Wiz,
Hey, I'd rather call that an artwork. Suits children very well. I'm sure that the birthday boy love the cake(",).

Mazlan said...

I love Spidey the character... When can you bake one for me...? hehe

Wiz said...

Akmal - Thanks for your kind words (sounds like Pak Idrus plak he he he)

Mazlan - All you need to do is ASK!

KC said...

Hi Wiz,

Just wondering how much does the royal icing cake cost - The ones in yr 15/11 and 17/11 postings. My bro is getting married (again..hee hee)soon and looking for something like what u've baked. They are so lovely.

If you could drop me an email at for the price?

Thanx & regards