Friday, November 9, 2007

The Day It Rained Presents

I seldom receive gifts from anyone, not even from my husband as he is a staunch believer of "I give myself to you" every time special occasions come. Thank god he doesn't take fancy to wrapping himself up, coz I would just leave him stay wrapped and let him sweat a bit before he unwrap himself *chuckles*. I do receive sweet gifts from my kids made from dried leaves glued onto some last year's raya cards. I love handmade presents especially if they come from my two bright sparks. The latest gift came from my daughter, a second hand vase that was sold by the teachers who wanted to get rid of their junk at school. I had given her my junk to be brought to school and she came back with other people's. Of course the junk, I mean the present she gave me was the most special one and now resides beautifully on my mantel piece. The other and only person who gives me presents every year on my birthday is my sis. And I do so ever appreciate her gestures. But now I have come to terms and have made peace with myself that I won't be receiving presents on birthdays or anniversaries or on any occasions, hence the zero expectations.

When my best friend Salina from Manchester called to say that she had something for me and the parcel has already arrived at a friend's house in Putrajaya, I was simply elated. Little did I know how big the parcel was. She did mention of some cookbooks and stuff and when I went to this friend's house I was astonished to see a big box waiting to be collected. Brought it home and this is the treasure I discovered inside...

Books aplenty!

from children's books to a football book for my husband

And best of all tucked inside this beautiful box is...

pretty white and blue China, which shine, just lit up my face and the entire room as I untied the satin ribbon.

I was overwhelmed with all the gifts and didn't know which one to look at first. But when I saw the green nursery rhyme book I knew I had to take delight in it before others. My son who was still awake and as excited as I was made me read out lout each and every verse. I guess it explains why I tend to write in rhymes, I simply enjoy the beauty of similar sounding words.

There are also picture frames and educational German English CD in the brown box. Salina, thanks so so much for all the thoughtful gifts you have sent me and I shall take my time to savour each and every gift, read every single word and try to test as many recipes as I possibly have time for. As for now I could only leave you with this poem as a token for your kindness, hope you like it. Thanks again.

Alright people, now I am off to Ipoh!

Thank You, Friend

Thank you, friend, for all the things
That mean so much to me--
For concern and understanding
You give abundantly.

Thanks for listening with your heart;
For cheering me when I'm blue;
For bringing out the best in me;
And just for being you.

Thanks for in-depth conversation
That stimulates my brain;
For silly times we laugh out loud;
For things I can't explain.

For looking past my flaws and faults;
For all the time you spend;
For all the kind things that you do,
Thank you; thank you, friend.

By Joanna Fuchs

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mamazieza said...

wow wizzz.. bestnya dapat gift dari jau.. from salina.. hushhh and the books.. jeles mama.. hehehe...

lepas ni .. makin ngancam laa kekker wiz... keep it up.

Wiz said...

Best mama, nanti bila wiz dah abis baca, wiz bagi mama pinjam k.

Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

Its your birthday? Happy birthday.

Wiz said...

No Hanafi, it's not my birthday. That made it even more special, receiving presents on an ordinary day. Wish everyday was like this!*giggles*

Zawi said...

It is indeed wonderful to receive gift from somebody so faraway. Furthermore the gifts was apt for the receiver who do cookies with religious fervour. She definitely knows you.

Wiz said...

Now that you know my likes, you too can give me presents! he he he

Salina said...

Chrismas has arrived early for you and family indeed. All of the items that i bought are seconds except for the nursery rhyme. I could not afford to buy brand new items Wiz. I worked as a student ambassador during the summner holidays and was not handsomely paid but the experiences that i had was truly valuable. So with that hard earned little money (let me be a bit dramatic *laugh*)i learned to be resourceful.

Among all the gifts,the hardest was the nursery rhymes. You practically have read all the nursery rhymes by now so i had to do quite a bit of a research on that one. And it's truly worth when i saw the pix of adnin enjoying the book!

Wiz, i too have given up hope wishing my husband could be a little bit more romantic and thoughtful on my birthday and our anniversary. This year i reminded him a month in advance about those two special days and gave him a choice of three things to buy for me (those that he could afford of course) so that he wouldn't give excuses 'don't know what to buy for you'. A week before my special days, i would remind him again! Not many malay men are romantic (lucky for those who married one) but our spouses are great in other aspects! We can't ask for everything can we? We as wives on the other hand would painstakingly took the trouble to get things that they really like and make a do for their birthday! I even had to remind my hubby to get me cards!
i guess that's what a girlfriend for - to be thoughtful when our better half don't!

We need to train our sons (pray to allah to bless me with one soon)so that they are more appreciative and thoughtful to women!

In return of my gifts, " i demand" *laugh* for you and family to come and visit me in Manchester! We can have loads of fun scavenging for books and cds at the charity shops! The second hand books here are simply wonderful and dirt cheap and of course visits to Tea rooms at some of the quaint english cities here. Now you know how i spent most of my time apart from studying and reading your blog!

By the way those are vintage china that i bought from a granny (they are not bone china but china china and they are older than us Wiz!)

I wish you could include your soccer hero pix reading the book on football! Mesti maut mentelaah tu!


Akmal said...

Kak Wiz,
Receive lots of stuff in one box of gift from a faraway friend not on special occation? Only good friends do that.

Big Boys Oven said...

You are a lucky babe! :)

rinnchan said...

Dapat kotak pun jaaaaadiii laaaah.
***Hi Hi Hi..perasan btol lah rinn ni***. Sape nak bagi..Kotak dia aje pun dah menambat hati !!!..Makin hebat laa kek-kek whiz lepas niii.....keep going whiz!!!

Wiz said...

Salina - will try my damnest to go and visit you in Manchester!

Akmal - Those who give me presents will automatically become my good friend, he he he

Big Boys Oven - Lucky, yes! Babe?...makcik more like it la Boys!

Rinn - I saw what your hub got you for your birthday! I can only dream of that. The only box I could give you right now is a cake box, want?

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

arent you lucky to have such thoughtful friend wiz!! and who wouldnt want to befriends with you! you're ever so nice and friendly too!

i love those plates. absolutely gorgeous. salina has good tastes!

Wiz said...

Thanks Zaza, I am so friendly which could be mistaken as over smothering. Yes, she has good taste. You should have attended her wedding, simple but classy. You two have excellent taste that is very noticable.

mamazieza said...

Salina... (tumpang ekk Wiz..hehehe)
jangan sedih ngan kita punya other half tu... .. yesterday was our 20th Anniversary.. and you know dia belanja mama makan apa.. laksa dari pasar malam.. huhuhu.. hehehehe...tapi kan.. tu laa hubby kita.. besday ni.. toksah ckp laaa... Mama pernah terima apa tau.. bread toaster... katanya.. kan bagus semua orang boleh guna.. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... hehehe...

takpe.. we have each other to be happy with.. walau tak pernah jumpa.. tak pernah tengok rupa.. tapi kita bagaikan keluarga yang jauh tapi mesra... muahhhhzzzz...

Wiz said...

Mama, I'd be happy to get a bread toaster ma or anything at all. Like they say beggars cant be choosers! We are always begging when it comes to a lil bit of Romance, sob sob.

Salina said...

mama thanks for the kind words. salam persaudaraan from me too. I almost fell off the chair laughing. You 'communal gift' story reminds me of my colleague. She was so happy to get a big box on her birthday and to her dismay she found a 24 inch colour tv (that he wanted because he couldn't get the chance to see the telly when his kids were around). And believe me mama they are many species like that around! So we are not alone!*laugh*. It's not that they don't love us they just don't know how to pamper us!
But being a human being mama we just can't help from having a wishful thinking! Happy Anniversary to you!