Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cake Of The Day

These jewel cakes were extra special. They were ordered by a fellow blogger whom I have utmost respect for. Pak Idrus requested these muffette sized cupcakes for his grand daughter's sweet 16th birthday. It was a hectic day for me with orders ranging from the normal chocolate cakes to hantaran and novelty cakes, waiting to be completed and delivered. Alhamdullilah, with the Almighty's help I managed to pull through and proceeded to Pak Idrus's house last night. Upon arrival we were quite enthralled by the quaint layout of his entire place. I love how he put his personal touch to every single corner of the house. There was a small fish pond and lots of green all around. As you step inside, the cozy ambiance welcomes visitors with paraphernalia hung and displayed beautifully. I didn't really get to capture every single detail of the house since our visit was just a brief one, but I could sense Pak Idrus's pride when he talked about his home. Pak Idrus, Thank you so much for the order, it was a pleasure meeting the both of you.

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Salina said...

He is a real sweatheart isn't he, Wiz? He promoted your work in his blog and even ordered your cup cakes. Thank god Wiz you didn't stop blogging at the point when you felt like giving up. You got to know a lot of nice people in this cyber space.

I am so glad that you are receiving influx of orders and this means that you will be able to fly to Manchester soon. Insyallah!

mamazieza said...

I luv these small cuppies... ni mesti yang kecik size paper cup london almond tu.. huhuhu... nak membuatnya.. with all the fondants... salute kat you wiz... and when can i get the choc cuppies... or can I take it from here.. hehehe

Pak Idrus said...

Wiz, After you and your spouse left, we took the cakes to our daughter's house.

From the moment Nenek, Our daughter/son in law and the kids especially Adilah saw it and eventually everyone including me sampled it, it was happiness all through. Everyone was delighted with it. Your cup cakes did wonder to the whole family. Love just exploded. Its an evening of Joy for the family.

During the Birthday Party today your cakes stole the show. Not only it look so great but it taste as great and everyone enjoyed it.

Personally I am indeed happy that we met, from cybersphere to the real world. It is a small happening like this that gave happiness to everyone and in the process made our world so colorful.

Thanks so much. Have a nice day and take care.

Wiz said...

Salina - He is my father's age so it feels like talking to my father everytime. It was nice of him to order from someone he doesn't know and I appreciate the trust he had in me.

Mama - It is indeed tricky to decorate the small cupcakes, it calls for a lot of patience. But the anticipation of seeing the delighted faces of the recipients that motivates me to keep on going and going...

Pak Idrus - That is the best testimonial I have ever received as a cake decorator. I am happy to know that the cupcakes touched the hearts of your family, in return your comments have touched mine.

Thanks so much for the order and the trust Pak Idrus. You have definitely made my day!

Aidan's Mama & Papa said...

who wouldnt be happy and pleased to have those cakes! pak idrus is very sweet indeed! there are only few people in here who are genuinely nice and i personally think pak idrus and you are amongst the few.


NuriY said...

the cupcakes were great!! I'm adilah's friend. thanks for d yummy cuppies.

Wiz said...

Nuri, Hi, so nice of you to drop by and give feedback. Do come again! Don't I get invited to your blog?