Monday, October 29, 2007

The Wise Owl

Farin challenged me yet again! She emailed me a picture of an owl cake and requested of an exact duplication of that cake. I frowned upon looking at the picture and instantly declined her order, and that was moons ago. Last week she again emailed me the same picture with this attached note:

hi kakyang!
Selamat Hari Raya!
remember the owl kek (pic attached) yg kakyang rasa u cannot do it tu
we want you to try to do it hehe...
sbb my anak sedara taknak kek lain... and his bday is next monday.. 29
you can make the owl baring, if it makes a difference lah..
please let me know..

So Farin, I guess your persistence paid off! Your owl cake is standing quietly in my fridge now just waiting for you to come and collect it later.

This cake was inspired by Lore C. of Venice FL USA

The Wise Owl

The wise old owl
Sat in an oak.
The more he saw,
The less he spoke.
The less he spoke,
The more he heard.
Why can't we be like
That wise old bird?


The diet of the owl is not
For delicate digestions.
He goes out on a limb to hoot
Unanswerable questions

And just because he winks like men
Who utter sage advice,
We think him full of wisdom when
He's only full of mice.
by X.J. Kennedy

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Salina said...

Amazing Owl. Just for you info Wiz, the owl is Leeds city's mascot. I don't know why they chose the owl, will dig about it in the future after i finish my work

The owls always look very sad to me ...this phrase suddenly came to my mind 'seperti punnguk rindukan bulan' ...very melancholic...

Wiz said...

I wanted to write an entry of an owl which visited us a couple of months ago. We didn't take its pictures but managed to videotape it. Have no idea of how to transfer the visual to this comp.

The owl was perching on one of our garden chairs and sat still till night came. It gave us a big scare to see an owl in our lawn but we managed to get ourselves acquainted since the children just sat around it the whole day. I bet it was scared of us more than we were terrified of it.

I don't know why but it gives me the spook looking at it!

mamazieza said...

mama suka tengok burung hantu... tapi waktu siang laaa.. sebab kalau tengok malam.. teringat hantu.. lebih takut ke perasaan hantu dari tengok burung hantu.. hehehe...

ur cake semuanya ada the english touch.. wiz... not like most of kami ni.. kalau buat kek mesti tipikal malay touch.. heheh.. bunga-bunga... cintan cantun... but yours look more like the one that i always browse thru ... at the bookshops.... hehehe.. browse jerr laaa.. nak beli .. mak datuk.. mahal laaaaaaaaaaaaa

Wiz said...

So sweet of you mama. Wiz bukan tak suka buat munge-munge cinta tu, tapi sebenarnya tak pandai. So I chose to stick to what I can manage and pray that it looks good. Yours and other RN members' creations have become my inspirations and I always look up to you and the rest of the cake sifus as my life mentor.