Saturday, October 20, 2007

Will You Curry Mee?

The must have dish and also the most requested one during Hari Raya at my mum's place would definitely be Curry Mee. Apart from the rendang kerang, lemang, nasi impit and all the works, curry mee would never escape our old dining table. Relatives and friends swarm our house to sample the curry mee which has become synonymous to my mum and it has somehow grown on me as well. I have too taken the role of preparing this bowl licking dish whenever I invite relatives and friends over and they seldom went home disappointed.

Here's the recipe

For Garnishing
Enough bean sprout (blanched)
Bean curd (sliced)
red chillies, (sliced thin)
fried shallots
Enough yellow mee,

For the Curry
About five tablespoon of blended shallots,
About three tablespoon of blended garlic,
About 1 cup of fish curry powder mixed with water to form paste
3 cups of small pieces of chicken,
2 cups of squids or shrimp,
3 stalks of lemon grass,(pounded 3 times)
3 cups of shrimp stock(peel the shell of the shrimps and boil)
2 packets of fish cakes ( sliced thinly)
2 packets of fish balls ( sliced thinly)
2 cups of coconut milk and 1 tin of evaporated milk
salt to taste.

1. Heat half cup of oil in a large pot. Fry all the blended ingredients
till fragrant.
2. Add in curry paste and fry till oily.
3. Put in the chicken pieces and then the squids and shrimps.
4. Add the lemon grass.
5. Pour in the coconut milk and evaporated milk.
6. Lastly dump in all the fish balls and cakes, leave to boil.
7. Salt to taste.

Ps. The ingredients in this recipe are not in exact measurements. Please use a lot of discretion when cooking.

Happy "Opening Houses"!

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Salina said...

My chinese neighbour mentioned to me ipoh's noodles are great because of the source of water that they use in making the noodles. I think it's rather unique for your mum to cook rendang kerang and curry mee as most of the time i found my friends serving rendang tok and laksa penang/johor during Eid! Anyway whatever dish that you serve in the spirit of raya/EID, it will always taste great!