Sunday, October 21, 2007


I met a very good friend of mine today, after 11 years. The last time I talked to him was probably on my wedding day way back in 1996. He was lean and tall with hair that you could easily lose your keys in. That was the pictorial image I constantly fall back on whenever I am reminded of him and whenever he calls or leaves me silly Raya messages. It's funny when the embedded image of your old friend doesn't seem to age accordingly. People stayed as young as you last saw them.

When I went to pay this friend a visit, I brought along this same familiar image of him being tall and lanky. I couldn't make myself imagine him in other ways. Perhaps because I thought I had stayed the same, the exact looking friend he last saw 11 years ago. And so, we entered his house and I couldn't spot him anywhere, until I asked one of the guests "...where's Amir?" He exclaimed with that confused look on his face, "...tu dia." He was right in front of me. It didn't register in my head that it was him, and he didn't recognize me either with my new tudung appearance. I called out to him and the first thing he said was "...what happened to you? You have shrunk!" He didn't seem to be as tall and as lanky and if you were to lose your keys in his hair, you would be clinically certified as blind. I'm not making fun of this guy *though he makes fun of me all the time calling me names like tikus and all* but it struck me that day of this weird feeling I was having. It just appeared to me that everyone I know has all grown up and changed in one way or another. And it feels like I am stuck in Neverland with Peter Pan. But I'm not complaining though. Unlike my friend Enida, I'm still learning how to fly, but to do that I need my happy thoughts. Insyallah soon, if I work hard, I will soar high with loads and loads of happy thoughts to spare and share.

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Salina said...

If we were to meet in twenty years' time from now, will you still have the same pictorial image of me as i last bade goodbye to you? By that time, I will turn into an old hag relying on a walking stick with glasses as thick as my double glaze window in my newly rented apartment. By my part of my heart and mind will still belong to the Neverland.

Salina said...


But part of my heart and mind will still belong to the Neverland!

Anonymous said...

Wiz, in just five years I will be all white. Teeth (still, thank God!) and hair. Yes, five years. No, I won't be whining about it. Hee hee. I'll be henna-ing.

For the time being, I am enjoying the gray area. Yay!

p.s. I never went back to De'Alfa Metro Kajang. Decided to sedekah the baju to Bibik's mom. But will talk to the manager next time I'm at Metro, oh I will.