Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Much Ado About Decorating

There are times when things don't coordinate well with me. Most of the time actually. It's like when you have a bad hair day, no matter how much you comb or hair dry or gel up your hair, when things don't feel like working, your hair will just refuse to set the way you want it to. I've never had a bad hair day, since I could just bun it up and hide it under my scarf, but I've had countless of bad cake days and today was another one of them.

Things would always go wrong whenever I tried to be generous with the ingredients, the cream or the deco. It's always, "...a lil bit more of this and lil bit more of that wouldn't hurt. But in the end the outcome would be horrendous, too much for the eyes to take. And when that happened, it would be a lil bit too late to do anything about it, unless you had a great amount of time to redo. I'm always short of time for a makeover, so with a bad twitch in my eye, I would have to just surrender the finished cake and wished on my lucky stars, moon, meteors, planets, milky way and the entire solar system for the customer to approve it. Harlina if you are reading this, I would like to apologize if I didn't make a good first impression on you. It would be good enough for me if Alia could identify the character on the cake. Thanks so much for the orders.

Here's to a Delightful Little Girl Alia
Happy 4th Birthday!

2 treats:

alia said...

Now, I know who made the yummy jewel cakes for our Teachers' Day at Krista BMC. Made us teachers feel like little girls in a cake shop when we devoured the cakes that one of the students, Alia Hani gave us. Yesterday, was another student - Alia Liyana's birthday celebration at school. The kids loved the cake!!

From, Teacher Alia (yeah, I know - this kindy actually has 4 Alia's)

Wiz said...

Teacher Alia, That's the nicest thing anyone could ever say to a baker like me. Thank you so so much for writing it here. People only sms me comments but I prefer them to write it in my blog so that I could always refer to nice words whenever I'm down and out of inspirations.

I was a bit confused with all the Alia's, but now Alias Rock!!!

Thanks again.