Friday, October 5, 2007


I was down to my last five jars. The kids have all gone up to sleep, husband was performing the terawikh, and yours truly was struggling elbow deep in cookie dough. I had all the trays of cookies lined up in such uniformity *it was a starless night* and I was super proud of myself of nearly ending this arduous task of baking. The first tray went in and was due to evenly brown in 15 minutes and then all of the sudden...tup! Screams and shouts from upstairs instantaneously accompanied the abrupt darkness. My fingers were glued together due to the sticky dough and was finding my way to the sink. I reassured the kids to stay put and not to panic, and I frantically rummaged my way to search for candles and a lighter. Brought the "scared of the dark" kids down and went outside to see if the stars were out and indeed they were, ha ha ha. I knew my luck would be short lived, things were going too smooth to be true. It was 10 pm and the kids suddenly didn't feel sleepy, so we kept each other company by singing hari raya songs and playing with the candles. It turned out to be a fun night, minus the sweat, the nyamuks (we had to open the sliding door) and the farts,( flatulence in this family is the result of heat and humidity) but it was still fun. My cookies? let's just not talk about it.

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rinnchan said...

Nak Hari Raya..tapi nampak macam Deepavali ler pulak with all those candles !!! So sweet of them...and you too, Wiz.

Wiz said...

There was nothing else to do Rinn, it was too hot to sleep. The candles I think look like panjut. Luckily the power was restored around 11.30 so my baking continued.

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hi WiZ = ) Well, at least u all had a cosy night and spend quality time with each other! What better way to spend an evening! Glad the electricity came back on later so u could finish your baking! Good luck with the rest of it ok! Hugs, catch ya later! Am off to do some vacuuming & mopping!

david santos said...

Hello, Wiz!
Thanks for posting, very nice!

Freedom for the people of the Birmânia!

Have a good day

david santos said...

Wiz, the languages cannot create barriers, because the feelings are that they count. But my works are written in English, Frenchman, Arab, Portuguese and Spaniard.
You must read mine postings, exactly the ones that already are in the archive.
Thank you, my friend.

david santos said...

Wiz, my friend, I am total in agreement with you. Our bigger barrier is the ignorance!
Until always, my friend.

david santos said...


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Hanafi Mohd Noor said...

Very nice photos, Selamat Hari Raya.