Thursday, October 4, 2007


Let the truth be told that I am not much of a cookie person no matter how hard I try to convert myself into one. Obviously I am not referring to the difficulties of my wiping out a canister of cookies, but more of my baking them. I have never experienced a perfect cookie day, in which none or no one get burnt. Little misadventures and mishaps are bound to occur along the way. Whenever I plan to bake cookies, the stars of the universe somehow realigned themselves just to witness me fail! In consequence, trays and trays of extra browned cookies are left to be gormandized by my ever hungry cookie monsters and I constantly ended up baking and baking just to fill up one canister. For this Hari Raya, I only have 30 jars to be delivered to customers comprising friends and families and it's taking me ages! I have exactly 5 more jars to fill up and wishing very hard that I could finish them in time. In the interim, my misfortune has become my children's gain. At least, some people are happy.

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anasalwa said...

You been busy with cookies. Since I've been living here, I never baked cookies, not even once. Do you bakc pineapple tart too? I love them.

Wiz said...

Everybody asks for pineapple tarts,it's a must have kan. My sister is in charge of that.

Pak Idrus said...

Wiz, when we first start a family way back in the early sixties, both of us would makes cookies for the raya. Now our daughter and the grands do it and we just enjoy whatever they made. Life is like that.

From the look of it you do makes great cookies with love added to it. That is why it look so nice, and I believed that it is also as delicious. Have a nice day and take care.

Wiz said...

Thanks for your words of comfort Pak Idrus. I feel much better already. I'm sure your daughter and grands always include your favourite kuihs in their baking list. If you have extra please pass some over!! :o)

M A Janssen said...

Your children are so lucky to have a mother to go through all this trouble for them. Wished I could do the same for Dahlia but I can never find the motivation!