Thursday, October 18, 2007

Celebrating Eid

Anticipation of Eid left me almost breathless this year. Alhamdullilah, cookies and cakes were delivered on time despite the countless last minute calls. Kids tirelessly asked how many days more to Raya, the same question catapulted every other minute throughout the last few days. The cuteness of it all seemed to dissolve in the heat of my oven and in my exasperation of finishing the orders, to the extent that I almost stuck a cellophane tape over my lil boy's lips. But of course fortunately, that only happened in my sleepy head. After making our delivery rounds, we packed our bags and left for Ipoh the same night, two days before Eid.

It's customary for my family to break fast together on the last day of puasa. Attendance list was complete, everyone in the family was there to enjoy the last berbuka of this year. Prior to the event, my sis and I went for S.S. Ali poppiah hunting in the pouring rain, all in the name of our love for our husbands. Got ourselves drenched, we shared one big payung but the two of us were much bigger, just to serve our spouses' their favourite kuih. We only brought back a pair of shoes for raya and those too were soaked.

The evening rain brought in the cooling atmosphere come nightfall, which was very much welcomed by kids and approved by parents to proceed with the fire crackers itinerary. As usual, the adults played as much as the kids creating games with the flares, something my brother is very good at. Seen here is my brother in his attempt to scribble something and my son in his attempt to light a cracker.

When the Takbir was heard breaking the silence of dawn, kids of young and old rushed to the bathrooms to mandi sunat raya and get ready to congregate at the mosque for our annual Raya prayers. In the meantime, the mums would busy themselves preparing the raya spread on the table consisting of nasi impit and kuah kacang, lemang and rendang kerang and all the raya cookies to be served right after the Raya prayers.
At the first sight of commune returning from surau, I quickly took out my cheesecakes and placed them at the table centre. It's everyone's favourite especially my mother and to be able to savour this fattening dessert together on this festive day was truly an indulgence.
The food prepared by my mother was soon devoured by all ravenously. My mum ensured that she made everybody's favourite which included rendang kerang for my yeop, rendang keping for my husband and brother in law, nasi impit and kuah kacang for my sister and I, rendang ayam for my nyah. After desserts, we moved on to the front to exchange salams and angpows with parents and sibblings.

It's the only time of the year when everyone is clad beautifully in baju kurungs and baju melayus and each family is adorned in their chosen theme colours. You could never see a parade of these matching bajus at other times, only during rayas. It is a form of union, a portrayal of harmony, and a show of togetherness all depicted through the spirit of Hari Raya.

I leave you with some candid pictures snapped on that day, and also those contagious smiles that would melt the harshest, coldest meanest of hearts.

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Salina said...

You make me miss home so much with this entry and somehow for the last 10 minutes Sudirman's Song "Balik Kampung" keep echoing in my ears. Where is you pix in your new baju kurung? I am sure your regular visitors want to see 'you' apart from your beautiful soul in your writings.

Wiz, next year why don't you sell your own card raya? It's very difficult to get raya cards that truly capture the festive mood. Nowadays most of the cards either portray Masjid or abstract patterns. You r artistic and have a good eye for photography. Give it a thought dear!

Maaf Zahir Batin

Wiz said...

Dear Salina,

I shall not reveal myself just yet, want to keep it a mystery, he he he. I will send you my family pics soon. About the raya cards, hmm, that is actually a great idea, I would surely give it a thought. It's so good to have you back!!!

KC said...

Salam Whiz,

Been reading you a few times but didn't leave any shout :)

It was nice reading your raya entry, great food and all. My raya was a great one too, Alhamdulillah as I got to celeb with my parents who celebrated raya in KL with us unlike the previous years where they usually balik kampung and left us all the married children celebrating with our inlaws :)

I guess it's not too late to wish you selamat Eid ul Fitri. Rayakan sebulan :)