Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Alive and Baking!

A facebook friend of mine Dr. Mazlan mentioned that he had read something about me from the net. It seems someone out there has been looking for me and I am not exactly sure who would that person be. I am currently on a missing person's list. This is what was written on

Weiss, Eidel
I am looking for information on Eidel Weiss and her family. Her husband is Azam and a daughter named Iman and a baby boy.

Apparently this search came about after the December's Tsunami which wiped out more than a hundred thousand of lives in a blink of an eye. I can't help but to wonder who this concerned person is. And to know that someone is actually looking for you and took the time to write out this search on CNN is simply overwhelming.

To that someone, here's to say that I am alright, alhamdulillah still breathing, savouring life and its daily stumbles, smelling the bunga lallang on my lawn and driving a platypus around. Thanks for your warm thoughts, don't worry, I am alive and baking!

That's me!

Note: To many of my Internet friends I am also known as eidel weiss (long story.)

2 treats:

Salina said...

I'd like to see your name next in the 'most wanted cake makers' list.
Honestly, it's rather hilarious that you're on the search list after the Tsunami incident! By the way you've got a daughter and a son the description is not really accurate!

Wiz said...

It is accurate. The time posted was 2005 and my son was still a baby then. Anyway,he will always stay a baby in my eyes forever, he he he