Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm not exaggerating when I say Malays on the whole consume the most soya bean drink in Ramadhan than the rest of the other months of the year combined. I for one love soya and needless to say the same goes with the kids. If I were to buy the soya drink from the nearby pasar ramadhan we would spend at least 4 ringgit worth of soya to last us till sahur. Calculatedly, we would spend around RM120 per month just for the drink alone. And for a mother who doesn't receive a pay cheque at the end of the month, the above figure looks very destructive to the overall expenditure. Therefore, we had to choose one of these two resolutions 1. Reduce the soya drink intake to twice a week *nay, said the kids* or 2. Make our own homemade soya. Indubitably, we chose the latter.

Homemade Soya Bean Drink
Source: Mak saya

100gm of soya soaked overnight.

Blend the soaked beans with 2 glasses of water. Sieve the blended soya with clean nappylike textured cloth to extract the juice. Empty a bottle of 1.5 litre water into a medium sized pot together with the extracted soya bean juice. Boil. Add a desirable amount of sugar( I put 3/4 cup of sugar) and a knot of pandan leaves(optional)(I didn't put in mine)
Leave to cool.
Cost breakdown: A packet of 500gm of Soya =RM2.00

Only used 100gm = RM0.40
A bottle of 1.5 litre water = RM1.00
Sugar = RM0.20
Total amount of 2 jugs of soya = RM1.60
The smiles on your kids faces = Priceless

Note: Do not dispose of the soya bean dregs. Keep it for the upcoming recipe.

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Siti Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

I love the pix esp the tins behind those glass and the jar. It's not only during ramadan that the muslim ladies gulp soya bean. They do more so when they are pregnant as most believe that their babies will be fair. Malays and their obsession of having fair skin!!! There is no research to justify this! In fact, there are research claiming that soya bean is actually bad for babies that many are not aware of!

Wiz, i support your decision to limit your baking activities during ramadan. Ramadan comes only once - Let's ocuppy the nights with tarawikh if possible
(he! he!i am reminding this to myself as well). I don't go to the mosque as i find it takes a lot of time and time is too precious for me at the moment. in fact, i feel more peaceful doing it at home! But will definitely try my best braving the cold for Solat Raya!

Wiz said...

I too have chosen to perform my terawikh at home. My husband is fortunate enough to join the jemaah at the mosque for the prayers. If I were to follow I would have to bring my son along and you and I know how cheeky Adnin is. I don't want him to distract people from concentrating in their solat. My dad once bawak dia pergi surau, when he came back, he told me, "I'm not bringing your son again!" I asked why? He said, sat dia nak gi toilet la, sat dia lari2 la, and he likes to take a peek at people's faces when they rukuk and wave. Haih, that's my son. Kalau jemaah as a family we always have a tough time containing ourselves from laughing with all his funny antiques. So, as for now, home is where I humble myself to the Almighty and hopefully next year he behaves well and understands the importance of solah.

As for the soya drink, they both drink a jug each, everytime I buat. It's worth taking the trouble to do, saves you a whole lot of money.