Saturday, September 1, 2007


I was at Tesco the other day to shop for some groceries and saw this weight machine, you know the one that also measures your height and say it out loud, "...anda gemuk, anda slim, anda kurus" something that. I decided to weigh myself after feeling guilty of icecream and rootbeer diet regime I adopted these past few days and to my dismay the result was appalling! I wasn't surprised to see the increased kilos but I was more astonished to learn that I have dropped a few centimetres as well! It was probably the faulty machine I thought and didn't let that incident bother me too much. After the 45 minute shopping sprint I walked to the Bata Shop to try on some shoes. I badly needed a new pair of decent looking shoes or sandals or whatever to go to all these bertunang and wedding receptions. I am a size four, has always been one but that day I couldn't fit into any of the size four shoes. They apparently appeared to be too big. The shop assistant was looking tired of kept going to the back to find a pair, any pair that fit me. In the end he shyly suggested if I would mind trying the big Kids' shoes, of pink shades with glitters and all, the type that my daughter and my niece Shahira would be pleased to match with their Barbie handbag. I was almost in tears.

I still had weddings and some bertunang ceremonies to attend and being someone who seldom wears baju kurung, it was that time other than Raya to ransack my old wardrobe for some bajus. Took out a few pairs and began trying and again to my horror, they came out to be too big. The sleeves were longer than I remembered, the kain was labuh, the shoulders didnt fall perfectly, everything looked as if I was wearing a blanket on. I am shrinking! I am shrinking! I am almost the same size as my daughter now, and she is growing fast. What should I do? My husband suggested that I do some "hanging" exercises, but wouldn't that make my hands and not the rest of my body longer, nanti jadi macam chipanzee pulak. If you have any ideas on how to restore my height, do share. Till then, if you don't see me anymore here, don't panic, coz I am on a looooong break, self searching... for the rest of me.

Please use the magnifying glass for this picture.

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Salina said...

Wiz, you've worked so hard. That's why you are shrinking. Never know that you have cinderella's feet - size 4 that's very small.

Please take your well-deserved rest and look after your health kay!

Wiz said...

Thanks Salina. I'm just beat! Will come back in a week's time. I won't be really resting though, have a house to clean, yeah, just as similar to Cinderella's story. I'm Cinderella, the step sis and the stepmom all in one, he he he

mamazieza said...

yepp.. macam salina katakan tu.. rehat laa secukupnya selepas kerja keras ni..

mama plak.. lagi penat .. lagi tak makan.. lagi naik badan.. heheheh..