Friday, September 14, 2007

The Second Day

I have learnt why some have resorted to buying food outside or at the pasar Ramadhan. It's not the workload, it's not the heat of the stove, neither it's the mountain of dishes you end up with, nor the mess the children make after. More accurately it's the rummaging for ideas on what to eat and what dish goes best with what.Yesterday's success compelled me to attempt yet again another day of home cooked dishes from the kuehs to all the lauks. Made currypuffs and redbean balls (ada lagi red bean from semalam) and pastry srtrips for the kids. The dishes were my style of Ayam Percik, cabbage, carrots and so oon mix vege, tauhu bakar with sengkuang and peanut sauce and of course papedum. I hope I am still as enthusiatic tomorrow and able to whip up something different. Or, as tempting as it is, there's always that pasar ramadhan, 10 minutes drive away. We'll see.

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