Monday, September 24, 2007

Recipe of BerDegil

There's a belief that goes in this house that I come from another planet. I am seen as the green alien or in a more familiar context a gorilla, a lembu, someone who grazes on greens. I feed on pasturage as do the cattle and the sheep. You won't be able to find any greens on any body's plate during mealtimes except in mine. No matter how cunningly I tried inserting the tiniest, littlest of greens in the dishes, they will all be unearthed and dumped back onto my plate. And of course it gets to you the whole time and it has always been a big issue at the dining table. Trick of ancient times and words of bribery all come into play when dealing with two small kids and one overgrown one to why they have to eat sayur. In the beginning, sentences of assurance dominated the persuasions, eg. "...If Anin makan sayur anin boleh jadi Spiderman!" "...Iman kalau makan sayur, kulit jadi cantik and pandai." "...Awak, kalau makan sayur barula ada energy sikit" But to no avail. From assurance, sentences shifted gears to bribery and lastly to threats!! "...If tak makan sayur, anin tak boleh ashi mama lagi" *To the uniniated, my son sleeps whilst holding the end of my seluar tido which he calls ashi* "...kakak tak boleh tengok "Manjalara" this evening" and the worst would be "...No more computer games forever and ever". Muahaha, I was just being the mean stepmother cum snow white witch then.

I had to think of something, not only for the sake of their health, but equally also for my self esteem, since I hate losing to a bunch of under 9 year olds.

So one day...mama had an idea. *could already taste victory here*

I know all of them like beef patties, burgers and nuggets kinda food. So if I mash and grate all the greens very finely, they might not be able to notice it. And so the mission began. Thawed a tube of Ramly minced meat and started to brew the healthy concoctions. Whilst at it, I got carried away and put a whole lot of other beneficial stuff such as quacker oats, the soya bean dregs, carrots and celeries. In the end, the concoction was made into bergedil balls, and looking like any other bergedil at a glance. The three kids were presented with them at one berbuka puasa session and none of them noticed any difference. They even commented that it tasted nicer than any other bergedils I have made before. Mission accomplished! The green alien has won the battle this time. So, here's the recipe to the Bergedil or Berdegil as I like to call it.
400gm of minced meat( I used Ramly's)
3 Tablespoon of finely sliced onions,
3 Tablespoon of Daun Bawang,
1 big patato, boiled and mashed
half cup of finely grated carrots,
half cup of finely grated celery,
3/4 cup of soya bean dregs,
half cup of oats,
1 teaspoon of black pepper,
half teaspoon of pepper,
1 teaspoon of salt,
1 teaspoon of sugar.
1 egg ( to coat the bergedil)

Mix everything together and form mixture into small patties. Coat the patties with beaten egg and fry on a medium to high fire. Serve. You can also make burgers out of these. Mamazieza, this recipe is to answer your querie the other day. Hope this one helps.

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mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

Well done Wiz! Pandai pun kawan aku ni! Hv a great week ahead, am off to rush some housework and pick up Nora from school! = )

Salina said...

Your entry this time tickles me - Kids + hubby versus greens + mum. But they do look yummy! New vege begedil! I shall try your recipe. I've got a big baby at home who doesn't like veggies though he's appetite towards veggies is improving compared to four years ago!

mamazieza said...

mama dah buat.. tapi it turns out a bit keras.. bebudak tu komplen laa.. hehehe.. got to try again... kebetulan the other day...right after preparing it.. mama went back to Melaka.. so byk laa komen dorang. hehehe

thanks Wiz.. muahhhhhhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzzz

Wiz said...

Wiz punya bergedil mcm terlembik plak, tu wiz gorengkan sikit dgn cornflour. So far my kids suka. Wiz buatkan besar KFC punya popcorn tu, cool!