Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I Lab-U

Remember, on the first day of Ramadhan, I made my husband's favourite gulai lemak Labu. I only used half of the pumpkin, itu pun dapat seperiuk rak and stashed the other half way back in the fridge. I was thinking of using the other half to make pengat or maybe repeat the same dish when I run out on ideas on what to cook. Since my husband likes Labu so much I thought of making something special for him, something that I have never tried before and that's when I stumbled the Lepat Labu recipe shared by one of the RN members. The feedback from other members was so overwhelming that I too was coerced into making some. It is an easy peasy recipe and if you happen to grow pumpkin in your backyard or in the fridge, don't give this recipe a miss.

Lepat Labu
Source: Lindaza
Thanks Linda

Half of a medium sized pumpkin, skinned and the flesh boiled and mashed,
1 cup of all purpose flour,
4 tablespoon castor sugar,
1 teaspoon salt.
Mix the above ingredients well to form paste.

For the fillings
2 cups Grated coconut(only the whites)
1 teaspoon sugar,
1 teaspoon salt,
ample banana leaves cut into rectangles.

Spoon the mashed pumpkin onto the banana leaves and put the coconut fillings and wrap. Steam for 8-10 minutes.

I was excited to serve my husband a plate of this lepat labu. Since the children didn't like them, I happily broke the news with a spring in my voice, that he didn't have to share the lepats with anybody else but himself. He just smiled and unwrapped one. After finishing half in a slow and savouring manner, he looked up and politely said "...saya sebenarnya suka labu kalau masak gulai lemak je, kalau lepat2 ni saya tak berapa sangat." I understood then why it took him ages to finish half, and for a few seconds I was made to believe that he was savouring the lepat labu experience! Ah well, you can't please them, all the time, I still Lab-U anyway Mi.

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anasalwa said...

I love lepat labu. It is one of my favorite kuih manis. I have an interesting story about lepat labu. It was during fasting month five years ago. I have to write about it soon.
I bet your lepat labu is scrumptious.
Thank you for visiting my blog.
Selamat berpuasa.

mamazieza said...

I lab-u too...but I lazy to do.. heheheh