Friday, September 28, 2007

Garden of Jannah

Happy 12th Birthday Jannah!
Thanks Shikin!

Alright folks, these are my last ventures for this week. Insyaallah, beginning from next week I would be occupied completing the raya cookies orders and storing chocolate cakes and cupcakes for the ushering of Aidil Fitri. Till we meet again here, I would like to wish all relatives, cousins, aunties, sibblings, inlaws, neighbours back home, friends, blog friends, RN members, and customers, who have eventually become our friends, a Blessed Ramadhan and a Delightful Hari Raya.

6 treats:

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

a blessed Ramadhan and a delughtful raya to you too Wiz! kalau buat kuih raya, advertise kat blog boleh??? Hugs for a gd weekend ; )

anasalwa said...

hi wiz,
Have you tried the fluffy pancake yet?
Your cupcakes look amazingly fabulous. I bet they are scrumptious too. I'm looking forward to see your kueh mueh Hari Raya.

anasalwa said...

hi wiz,
Your cupcakes look fabulous. I bet they are delicious too. I'm looking forward to see your kuehmueh Hari Raya in your blog soon.
Bila nak balik ke Taiping?

nurhanne said...

Ramadan Kareem to you and yours. Your cupcakes look yummy!

I am Ann said...

hi wiz. i love your cakes and cupcakes. they look gorgeous sayang pulak nak makan. might place an order with you when we're back for the hols. will get in touch if we do.

Wiz said...

I'll be waiting Ann. Would love to hear from you. Happy Hols!