Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cakes of The Week

I have to admit, my liaison with butter cream isn't something that I truly take pride in. It's an intriguing, one sided love affair, often caught entangled due to my inexperience and incompetent hands. It's a relationship I have yet to give up on but one that I will always strive to excel in. It's an enduring task, so " patient with my flaws, I'm not that very fast."

2 treats:

mamazieza said...

actually.. dua kali mama comment on this page.. guna laptop hubby.. tapi tak kuar2,.. so mama pun dah lupa apa mama nak komen.. it's just that...kalau ni dikatakan byk flaws.. kalau takde flaws tak tau laa camner.. harus mama angkat beg bertandang rumah wiz menuntut ilmu.. hehehe

Wiz said...

Ni dari jauh mama, dtg tengok dekat sikit, bergrutu grutu, ha ha ha. Thanks mama, but I could never buat my buttercream tu licin mcm kak mis and nina. Do you know how?