Thursday, September 27, 2007

Blazing New Paths

Here's wishing June the very best of luck in her future undertakings.

There's no better means of discovering Asia than blazing your way with Asian Trails. This unique and reliable travel agency would sweep you off your feet with their exotic packages at an amazing price. From the exciting elephant rides in Phuket to the exhilarating River Kwai boat adventures to the breathtaking visits to the Ayuthaya Temples, Asian Trails would meet your every need and fancy. Whenever and wherever you wish to travel, let Asian Trails make a difference in your journey and be ready to discover a whole new exciting world.

For more information on any of the blazing paths do contact
Farin at 0322749488

3 treats:

Salina said...

i have to say these are the most uniquely asian cup cakes that i've seen so far. i love the way you played with the shades of yellow and orange! Great job Wiz!

Berapa komisyen dapat ni buat promotion!

Wiz said...

Don't give me the credit, I was just replicating the logo of the company. The commision is the happy face on the client's face, and the priviledge to do more cupcakes for the staff. A win win situation.

Salina said...

Don't be shy to take the credit -though it's not one of your own uniquely designed cupcakes. It's not easy to adapt from print to cakes. Just like adapting a novel to a film