Sunday, September 16, 2007

As Promised

A cousin of mine frequently asks for this cake, which she claimed to be her favourite amongst all the cakes that I have had the opportunity to bake for her and family. It's sinfully moist, juicy with very pronounced butter flavour. A treat to all treats out there, well for those who love the fruity type of cake that is. This is a family recipe originally baked by our Opah Chik before it was passed down to our Auntie Chik Nor and now to me. I am privileged to inherit this recipe and equally thrilled to share with all of my visitors. So Adik, here's the recipe for your keeps and now you can bake it anytime you fancy.

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

2 cups butter
2 cups flour
half teaspoon salt
2 teaspoon baking powder
1 1/2 cup sugar
3 Tablespoon pineapple juice
5 eggs
8 whole pieces of canned pineapples
8 red or green cherries
quarter cup brown sugar to coat pan

1. Beat butter and sugar till fluffy
2. Pour in eggs one at a time
3. Scoop in the flour bit by bit
4. In the juice

In a 9 inch pan, grease the bottom and the sides with butter and sprinkle the quarter cup of brown sugar all over the base. After that is done place the pineapples with the cherries in the middle. Bake at 150 Celsius for 45 minute or till skewer comes out clean.

On the first day of puasa, I surprised my husband with his favourite Red Bean Pau* chicken pau for the rest of us* And as promised here is the recipe.


500gm of Pau Flour
95gm Castor sugar
7gm yeast
50gm shortening

1. Dissolve sugar in a cup of warm water
2. Mix all the dry ingredients in another bowl
3. Pour in sugar water in the dry ingredients slowly and mix to form a dough
4. Add shortening and knead till its pliable and smooth.
4. Cover with damp cloth till it doubles its size
5. Knead again and divide to a portion of 50gm each
6. Roll into balls before flattening them
7. Scoop in your preferred fillings eg. red bean or kaya and seal
8. Cut grease paper into squares and place under each ball
9. Allow it to stand for another 15 minutes
10.Place in a hot steamer making sure the balls have ample space in between.
11.Steam for 10 minutes

Serve hot.

5 treats:

rinnchan said...

Vey nice color combi..yellow pineapple & green cherry. The one I saw before was with red cherry. I wish I can make and eat this but my throat is allergic to pineapple..Neway, thnx for letting me jamu mata here !!!
Hv u decided what to cook next for buka puasa ???..

Salina said...

Pardon me for my ignorance. Just wondering if this type of cake gets soggy/watery easily? I have no doubt when it comes to the taste as i like pineapple very much. Love the decoration and it looks like sunflowers from the bird's eye view. I have never tasted a pineapple cake before and thanks for sharing this wonderful family recipe! Will you be making one for your open house? Many i believe will be swarming to your house if you organise one!

Wiz said...

No, it's not soggy. It's wonderfully moist. But you do need to dab the pineapple first before placing them at the base of your pan. I might include this in the menu if ever I was having one!! You are welcome too. So there's a reason for you to come back.

Wiz said...

Rinn, I need to go hop to your fotopage and check out the recipes there, baru dapat inspirasi nak masak. But, today Mr. Hubby buka posa kat masjid, so I just might gorengkan bebudak ni nuggets and fries je, they have been asking for those daripada first day posa lagi. Relax skit ari ni, sahur? Goreng nasi je la, he he he. I'm not as rajin as you la. Ni tgh nak cari ubat homopathy untuk bagi rajin. Know of any?

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

hi wiz, everything looks yummylicious babe! hai kenapa lah u live thousands of kilometres away! will coax B into trying your recepi, nak kena tengok mood tukang masak ni.... heheheh