Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Al Murtabak

Al Mubarak to my children is favourably the time to request their favourite food to be made or if I can't make them, to be bought. Some of the most requested food they tirelessly ask for are Roti Bomb and Murtabak. It's much easier to ask the father to buy those at the pasar ramadhan, have them packed, brought home and served! Children happy, father happier, and mum happiest! But of course, having children who are allergic to so many things, consuming too much of the greasy roti bom and minyak sapi laden murtabak has taken a toll on their health. I learnt the difficult way last year when they consecutively ate roti bom and murtabak 3 days in a row. On the fourth day, my daughter was down with a bad sore throat plus high fever due to the infection from her sore throat. Well, this year they both have been asking for roti bom and murtabak ever since day one, and I have always been able to weasel my way out. But yesterday, they tinggalkan pesan kat their father to buy roti bom and some murtabaks on his way back from work and when I heard that I went straight to my computer to google for some homemade murtabak recipe ( the same dough can be turned into roti bom as well )and found one at cek de sam's fotopage. Thanks Cekde

MURTABAK DAGING/AYAM- resepi dr soaljawab masakan Alaf21

Bahan untuk kulit murtabak:

600 gm tepung gandum
1 camt garam
1 camt gula halus
2 biji telur - dipukul
125 ml susu segar
125-130 ml air
3-4 camb minyak ( I used canola oil)
3-4 camb minyak sapi ( I used sunflower table margarine)
minyak sapi untuk menggoreng ( I used canola oil)

Cara membuat kulit murtabak:

Gaulkan tiga bahan pertama.
Masukkan telur, susu dan air sedikit demi sedikit hingga adunan menjadi doh.
Uli selama 10 min hingga licin dan lembut.
Jika terlalu keras, basahkan tangan dengan air kemudian uli lagi.
Bahagikan 7 atau 8 bebola.
Letak dalam mangkuk.
Lumur dengan minyak dan minyak sapi.
Tutup dengan tuala lembab.
Biar 6-8 jam (semalaman)

Bahan untuk inti murtabak:

2 camb minyak
2 labu bawang besar - dicincang halus
2 ulas bawang putih - ditumbuk halus
400 gm daging/ayam - dicincang halus
1-2 camb rempah kari
1-2 camb sos tomato
1-2 tangkai cili hijau - dipotong kecil
air secukupnya
serbuk lada hitam
garam secukup rasa
5-6 biji telur - dipukul

Cara membuat inti murtabak:

Tumis bawang besar dan bawang putih hingga wangi.
Masukkan daging dan rempah, kacau hingga separuh masak.
Bubuh sos tomato, cili hijau dan sedikit air.
Masak dan kacau hingga daging empuk.
Tambah serbuk lada hitam dan garam.
Angkat dan biar sejuk.
Ambil sedikit lauk, gaulkan dengan sedikit telur anggaran lembab.
Seelok-eloknya, campur untuk sukatan satu murtabak saja pada satu masa.

Cara membuat murtabak daging/ayam:

Ambil satu doh yang telah diuli tadi.
Nipiskan doh tersebut dan letakkan di atas kuali leper (pastikan tidak terkoyak).
Sudukan inti dan lipat 4 untuk membungkus inti tadi.
Bila bahagian bawahnya keperangan, baru direnjiskan minyak sapi kemudian terbalikkan.
Pastikan api perlahan agar ia masak elok.

I didn't finish the dough by making only murtabaks, but used half of the dough to make roti bom as well.

My kids were super excited when they found out that I was attempting their favourite and was even more animated when they were allowed to participate. Here are some pics of them getting their hands oily * the rest of the furniture too*, and trying to spread the dough as thinly as possible. The verdict? They loved it! They wiped out the plates clean! All three roti bom and two murtabak gone in one berbuka sitting. The outcome wasn't as greasy and as soft like the authentic pasar malam ones but they were as good.

3 treats:

Salina said...

They definitely enjoying it as if they were playing plasticine just like the mother when moulding her fondant cakes!

mº¿ºsh, brecht & nora said...

very gd that u got the kids involve, think they will appreciate it even more! sedapnya wiz....

Wiz said...

They refused to eat the ones they made, probably coz they knew where their hands were roaming around before this, ha ha ha. I did make them wash their hands but still...