Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sunshine in My Window

It was a looong night. Adnin's temperature was increasing from warm to hot to burning hot. He was already given his antibiotics and paracetamol but it took so long to work. I had to sponge him all over and he hated the cold towel on his skin. He couldn't sleep either and was whining, crying and complaining about the pounding headache that kept him from dozing off. I tried to ease his pain, massaging his body, rubbing his soles and brushing his hair. In between consoling him I had to force him to down as much water as possible, he hated that too. Naturally as a result of that, his tank was always full and he needed to empty his bulging bladder regularly. It was a hectic night for both of us, bed to toilet to bed and back to the toilet again not just to take a leak but also to disgorge the little food that he had eaten before. I struggled to stay awake but succumbed to my exhaustion and fell asleep in a sitting position. In the early morning the next day, after subuh and after waking my husband and daughter up, and after giving my son another dose of his antibiotics, I fell flat on my bed. The forty winks somehow felt like I was cast in an abracadabra spell of a 100 years slumber and was just waiting for my prince to awaken me. Just like the fairy tale, it was a handsome prince who shook me to life with words that I have been longing to hear "...mama, Anin nak makan nasi!" Finally...

3 treats:

CestmoiCK said...

Hi Wiz

CK here. Noted your order of the compartments. Bebila I nak gi KL (or DAPAT pergi KL, heheh), will get you some ya.

Hope your son will get well soonest! (Mana chatbox? Tak nampak pun, that's why writing down comments here).

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Wiz said...

Tak de chatbox lagi. Will put one soon. Come again, and we'll chat.

Salina said...

You made me one to sing "ibu...ibu...engkaulah ratu hatiku". Hope you have a well-rested weekend ...sleeping beauty.