Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The Red Devils

Happy 14th Anniversary Machester United Football Club Malaysia! Here's a cake for you to celebrate.

4 treats:

Mis's Creative Cakes said...

Wooooo....terpegun betul kak mis tengok whiz punya creativity very neat

Wiz said...

Kak Miss Universe, thanks la for dropping by kak mis. Suka la awak datang jenguk kita.

Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

As a friend who saw you started from scratch in this cake making business i am so extremely proud of you. Your self-esteem doesn't match the huge creativity that you have. May be i don't have the authority in cake making,hence you don't believe in my words but for someone like kak mis who is an expert complimenting your work that is a valid comment. I see you as someone who is going to have a very bright future in what you are doing. Have faith in yourself wiz and i believe many will give you the support from now on.

I bought two second hand cake making and decorating books for you. Wiz, as much as i would like to buy new books for you, i have to admit that i can't afford to do that now. These two books are the best gifts that i could get for you and each costs only 3 pound. I got them from the charity shops and they are good books. My friend kak Norizan is returning this September to Malaysia and will post the books through her. She stays in Putrajaya, so it's not that difficult for you to get to her place. Keep on sharpening your creativity Wiz and always remember the quote that i've cited before "Self-esteem is a giant, Talent is a dwarf"


Wiz said...

Gosh, thanks Salina. I must confess that it's you who got me going, who instilled the confidence in my dwarf talent. I am the person I am partly because of you. I thank you in advance for the second hand books. I love second hand books Salina don't worry. I just bought 3 second hand novels and literature pieces for a total of 12 ringgit je. Can't wait to get my hands on those cake decorating books, sice Kak Miss here won't take any apprentice kan.