Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mein Diego

I remember now. The year 1999, several months after giving birth to my first child, that was the last time I tagged my husband to his football match. Iman was probably 8 months old and we rested at the pavilion whilst he and the other players changed into their jerseys. I think I know why that was the last time too. I remembered that I had to look away or pretended that I wasn't looking at young guys changing into their shorts before my eyes. It was very uncomfortable for me, but the guys didn't even twitch or tried to be discreet like using a towel or hide behind a friend or something. Most of them were not married yet, so I was the only female there. Another reason for my absence at the pitch was simply to avoid embarrassments that I would inflict on my husband. I have this uncontrollable urge to scream and shout at him every time he made a bad move or miss a golden opportunity of scoring. I am his numero uno fanatic fan, hence the unlady like misdemeanor.

But two Sundays ago, out of the blue, I decided to tag along with the kids just to show some support. He has been representing this club and they have games every fortnightly. I repeatedly told myself in the car, no shouting, no screaming, no pacing. Upon reaching the field, I saw a few mothers tending to their young and playing at the adjacent playground at the side. My kids joined them too, but I was super glued to the match. I had goose bums when I saw him dribbling the ball and the worst part was I had to refrain myself from bursting with "...Chameee! from the corner rembat je!" when he missed to shove the ball into the net. I was cool, I shouted at my kids instead with "...Iman! look after Your brother!" Pretty appropriate of me, a good exchange I thought. I think next time I would probably join the other wives playing with their kids at the playground and detach myself from the game entirely.

My husband to me is the best footballer Malaysia has ever seen. He represented this country when he was under 19 competing internationally and also locally. He was the football captain at Victoria Institution school and highly revered for his dribbling skills. However due to his parents' disapproval of his interest he had to back out from joining the national team and continued with his studies. He missed his window of opportunities at pursuing it professionally for his utmost respect of the parents' wishes. Today, he still plays football whenever he gets the chance to and there was never a day that went by that he had not thought of the "road not taken" and the "what could've been".

It's our 11th Anniversary today and for being his nummer ein fan I just want to say that He will always be my favourite football player of all times. He is my Maradona for his passion, my Cantona for his temper and my Batistuta for those dreamy eyes. Gl├╝cklicher Jahrestag Liebling. Ich liebe dich soviel!

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Salina said...

Looks like Adnin too will soon be inheriting his father's soccer skills. Love his cheeky smile.

Would you mind if Iman one day Iman expresses her interest in futsal?

Wiz said...

She has already started playing football with the boys at school and she gets all these bruises from it.