Monday, August 6, 2007

Basikal Tua

Overlooking one of the many lakes at Putrajaya

Challenging trails for young bikers

I was reading an entry by my friend Enida lamenting if only our beloved country was more conducive for cyclers. I agree with her to a certain extent that it's always too hot, too sticky, too dusty, too everything. We have always likened ourselves to the Bangau oh Bangau song, perpetually blaming anything and everything for our incapabilities and unwillingness to do things. If we couldn't find anything to blame on, there's always the weather! Malaysia is too hot and too humid to allow us to enjoy the world class facilitiess that we have here except those in the higher altitude like Genting of course. I am no exception to this dilemma, I have written scrolls and scrolls of complaints that went unattended, but I still write them anyways maybe because I have nothing better to do.

But I'm here to share with Enida and the rest of the readers about this special place conducive for avid cyclers, joggers, walkers, and picnickers alike which is situated in Putrajaya. This Botanical Park located in Precinct 1 has so much to offer in its 230 acre garden. I am not going to elaborate more as I want to let you discover the beauty of the place yourself here. You need not have to worry of stashing your bicycles at the back of your car or on the car roof before going on this botanical adventure since the park provides bicycles for a minimal fee. And you can be assured that the bicycles are not from the bygone eras like the basikal tua or the chopper in which you would look and feel awkward riding on one! All the bicycles are new and they are quite a few types to choose from. From mountain bikes, children's tricycles to tandems and even bikes with baby carriers are readily parked at the cycling station, just take your pick. A reminder for future patrons to this place is not to forget to bring loads of home cooked food in a pretty basket and a tikar mengkuang as you do need to stop and take a breather by the lakeside to enjoy the magnificent view of the wetland. Or you could just buy a barrel of KFC chicken at Alamanda before paddling your afternoon away. It's a nice and a pretty cool way to enjoy a weekend with your family, we certainly did!

The main building of Taman Botani

Zig zag bridge

Flowers abound

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Salina said...

It's not only the blazing sun that makes us shy away from this activity. It's the humidity that makes us sweat profusely that i can't stand. Feel like ripping off my clothes there and then. But if the cycling path is canopied by trees, i believe many will be swarming the park. But i am glad we have such park.

I love cycling. Glad that the park provides many types of bicycles to its visitors. If you go to Rottnest Island in Perth, the main activity there is basically cycling. There are many types of bicyles imaginable availabe there that cater for parents with twins, triplets, couple, etc. I could still recall my cycling exprience there. i practically 'tawaf' the whole island with hubby. There were many senior citizens cycling at that time and boy these atuk-atuk and nenek-nenek were seriously fit. They cycled and left us 'far and away' in a matter of minutes. Yes, cycling sans humidity is indeed relaxing esp if you are surrounded by nature!

Wiz said...

My children love this place and we try to go there whenever we have the opportunity. Of course it was hot and humid but when you were having so much fun you forgot how wet your T Shirt was. One thing about wet t shirt is that when the wind blows you'd feel nice and cool and it's windy over there especially along the lake. And yes the tracks are shaded with trees and flower shrubs. Simply beautiful!

Salina said...

You've just reminded of the song "blowing in the wind".