Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Friendly Note

A friendly note just to say,
Nothing has changed in these past few days,
Cakes of chocolate, carrots and vanilla too
Are priced the same just for you.

Everything else might have a raise,
A few changes you will have to face,
Feeling of forlorn just overwhelms you,
For so many cravings, not knowing what to do.

Can't travel much, expenses are high,
But the sweet cravings you need to satisfy,
Need not look elsewhere, it's nearer than you thought,
A person named wiz that has to be sought!

A few steps of clicking is all you need to do,
Anyway a little exercise is good for you,
Just place your orders via the internet,
As easy as A B C and everything is set,

When the orders are in, you just have to wait,
The cakes will be delivered after they're baked,
Two days or a few, no later than that,
Cakes of your choice is what you will get.

A win win situation hopefully for everyone,
A friendly price we try to grant,
Satisfied clients are all that matter,
In the end "...everyone lives happily ever after." :o)


5 treats:

Salina said...

Congratulations Wiz! Your cakes were highly complimented by Dato' Noraini (puteri UMNO) and that should be a source of great motivation for you to achieve greater heights. As a sincere friend who seriously wants you to succeed, please forgive me from time to time if i push you a bit too far and believe me i did it because i know that you are able to do it. That's how i motivated my former students and alhamdulillah most of them if not all succeed. Sometimes you have to 'be cruel in order to be kind'. That's how i treat myself too. Pushing myself to the max. I have to respect my responsibility as a scholar and also treat whatever i do as a form of ibadah. (Though to be honest i am feeling a bit worn out now with the demand and challenges that i have to go through). Can't wait to wrap up my current work and fly to Malaysia for a short break! And the first thing after i've tasted my mum's cooking, i am going to gobble up your cup cakes!

You will always be in my prayer Wiz! I will hold on to the promise that we once made - a small cosy reading shop that serves home made cakes! I am collecting tonnes of books from the UK now and they are really great books which are not easily accessible in our country! Once i finish my work, i am going to start reading them - it's so heavenly when you can indulge yourself in reading for pleasure without feeling guilty "oh assignment tak siap lagi!"

You have done well Wiz despite all the hurdles and limitations!Alhamdulillah! All praises to our Lord!


Wiz said...

You are such a wonderful source of inspiration, and I can't thank you enough.

mamazieza said...

wahhh Wiz.. tahniah sekali lagi... bukan senang nak terima compliments dari orang2 sebegini... mama pun cam salina gak... sentiasa mendoakan yang terbaik dan semuga terus berjaya..... and kalau perlukan pertolongan tu.. seru-serulaaah nama ku.. muahahaha...

To Salina.. kalau balik mesia tu. jgn lupa contact mama ya... hehehe

Wiz said...

Thanks mama, very sweet of you. Baik hati mama mendoakan wiz. Wiz pun akan selalu doakan yang terbaik buat mama k.

Salina said...

Dear Mama,

Insyallah mama Salina akan cari mama. My atok stays in Taiping. Dah rindu sangat kat dia. So from Taiping nanti Salina akan kembara ke Penang. Salina pun turut doakan semoga mama berjaya dalam whatever you do. Salina ni bukanlah alim - masih hip-hop lagi. Pohon mama doakan Salina berjaya for my thesis/book. Dah tak larat, terlalu penat mama tapi kugagahkah juga!