Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cake of The Day

There were many requests for the Sesame Street cupcakes this week, and I have been very busy doing just that. They are fun to make and tedious all at the same time but when those monsters are the only faces you see for more than 6 days, it wasn't as fun anymore. So when I was given a task to do hantaran cupcakes (thanks yaya), I jumped on the idea. It's nice to have a change of view from those furry bright coloured little cuties to smooth, soft, pastel cuppies. I have a few more hantarans to work on, so won't be back for awhile. But when I do, I will upload the pics of the MFI event that took place a week ago which is long over due, I know. Till then, Happy Merdeka everybody, or like my husband prefers to say it " Happy 31st " and he is so perasan that his line is the coolest!

2 treats:

mamazieza said...


lawanya.... camner ekk wiz buat jadik gitu.. nampak tertenggek jerrr..hehehe.. something different ... nak kena belajar ni.. ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh

sketchbug said...

Very nice Wiz! Your cakes look too good to eat, but oh so yummy, esp tengah puasa gini.. I guess it's an outlet for you to get your creative juice flowing and you can eat it too!! unlike papers and canvasses *sighs* I make cupcakes too, but they look nothing like yours, ofcourse...just because I love cakes and then I can fool myself that I'd eat just one...hee, hee, hee..then another..