Friday, July 27, 2007

Two Cups Worth

The 25th to the 28th day always prove to be a challenging time for me. It's that few days before we usher a brand new month, brand new gaji, brand new hope in a not so brand new body. It also means the pantry is almost empty, almost stripped of its food supply, be it in a canned form, or plastic packed ones. My children kept asking me this evening what's for dinner Ma? And my standard reply was, it's a surprise. It never fails to excite them, and it's the only way to be left alone to work in the kitchen. I didn't feel like eating rice tonight and furthermore Mr. Husband has left for his team building camp and won't be back till Sunday, so this head had more room to roam around for quick and easy ideas. Headed towards the kitchen cabinet and stretched my neck to see what was left way back on the shelf and spotted a packet of yeast. I had a few bags of flour still and with yeast a kitchen can be a magical place! I didn't bother to even reach for my recipe books, I just took the flour and the yeast and mixed them up and voila about 50 minutes later tea and dinner were ready to be served! So proud of myself.

Express Doughnuts

2 cups of multi purpose flour
2 Tablespoon milk powder,
2 Tablespoon of castor sugar,
A pinch of salt,
1 packet of yeast (11gm)
1 teaspoon bread improver,
3/4 of warm water,
2 Tablespoon of table margarine.

Mix all the dry ingredients first and slowly pour the warm water till a dough is formed. You might need less or more water. If it is still too sticky just sprinkle a little bit of flour. Knead dough with the margarine and leave it around half an hour or till it doubles the size. Sprinkle some flour on your working space before placing the well risen dough and knead a little bit more before rolling it. I used a cookie cutter to make into balls. Cover the balls for another 15 minutes or so before frying them.

I had a small bowlful of dough left and I decided to make a pizza base. Just roll the remaining dough to fit into a 9 inch pan and prepare the the pizza sauce.

Express Pizza Sauce
(enough to cover a 9 inch pan)

1 large yellow onion,
1 Tablespoon of tomato paste,
2 Tablespoon of Tomato sauce,
1 teaspoon of sugar,
1 teaspoon of oregano.

Saute the diced onions till fragrant and put the rest in and cook for 1 minute or so.
Spread the paste on the pizza dough. For fillings I used three sticks of sliced sausages and a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese. Bake at 170 C till golden brown.

There you have it, tea and dinner made from only two cups of flour.

Alright kids, Close your eyes...ta da! (oohs and aahs)

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mamazieza said...

hehehe.. just by coincidence.. mama baru sat-sat ni makan piza.. masak kat Pizza Hut.. hehehe.. main order jerr masa dalam kereta.. Dah sampai umah dekat jam 9 mlam.. my son has already called he is soooo hungry.. and me too... so Pizza Hut.. ambil laa duitku.. muahahaha...

Pizza Wiz ni simple jerr.. boleh buat time ejermensi.. hehehe

Wiz said...

Yes mama, and my kids said, this is the best pizza I ever made. Pizza dough dia lembut sangat walaupun dah sejuk. Main campak2 je, ok la tu. The kids suka la sebab tak de jerambah sayur and lain2, only sausages and cheese.

Siti Salina said...

For me - pizza day is my lazy day. I mean really lazy. Can afford to be lazy since there are many halal take away pizza and they are just a phone call away. Yours - Looks yummy! Wiz i've got a confession to make...I don't like cheese!Can i substitute cheese with something else! and what is bread improver???

Anonymous said...

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Wiz said...

Salina, speaking about halal pizzas, I remembered when I was in Australia I saw the halal sign on 1 pizza outlet. I pun dgn lapar dan suka hati pergi la order takeaway, chicken supreme ke apa, tak ingat dah. I ordered 1 big slice for myself. And as I was just about to walk away, greed conqured me and I decided to buy another slice, so I asked for the pizza next to the chicken supreme tadi. That guy kata, "oh I don't think you wanna buy this one coz this one has bacon." Tersentak kejap dengornya. It was nice of him to tell me and it was also a painful realization that the pizza I held in my hand was not enitrely halal, mana tak nya diletakkan bersebelahan dgn yang ada pork and entah2 pan yang dia guna tu dah pernah di gunakan untuk buat yang halal chicken punya. Tapi I tgk other muslims like from other countries( not sure which) selamba je makan. My husband who was sitting at the park bench nearby was laughing at me! benci tau. I just threw it away and bought myself a cone of gelato instead.

Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

Insyallah, the takeways that are run by the Pakistanis in Leeds are confirmed 100% halal. We don't have the confusion of the understanding of the meaning of the word halal. You don't have to go that far. Even in Malaysia many chinese do not understand what is the meaning of halal. I blame our ministry of education for this. What we should have right from the primary school is a lesson on intergrated society in which we truly learn about each other's culture, taboos and religion. For instance, both of us used to be government servant and when we organised our 'makan-makan' are we sensitive enough that some of our friends cannot take beef and the indians on thursdays and fridays will normally be fasting. They will be on vegetarian diet on these two days and normally our makan-makan were always held on Fridays. I 'trained' my chinese neighbours the meaning of halal and sometimes i felt sorry for them. Every time when they organised a wedding party and chinese new year get together they even went to the extent of catering food from a malay caterer just to make sure that all their malay neighbours ate their food. I told them that they didn't have to go that far but many said that i was the only one who would eat their food but not the other malay neigbours. Alhamdulillah recently the mufti of Perlis has already cleared the air that the muslims can eat food cooked using the non-muslim utensils. Many forgot when they eat out at the food courts in KLCC, Megamall or even at the hawkers' stalls all the spoons and forks 'have been in and out' of so many mouths of people from various religions. If we are so particular we should only eat homemade cook and have our special forks and spoons even when we want to serve to our guests who come to our house. As for the muslims that you met in Australia you have to check it out which mazhab are they from? We are the shafiee's followers, so we are more particular and strict with our practice.