Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thomas The Tank Engine

First of all, Happy Birthday Bryan!

This is the first time I was given the opportunity to do a cake complete with an instruction manual and a sample model given to me as well. Little Bryan must love Thomas so much for the mommy to provide me with all the details. Thanks to Farin and sister for helping me with the printouts of the guideline since I couldn't get connected to the net for the past two weeks. For anyone who would like to attempt Thomas the tank engine cake, please feel free to visit this great Thomas cake blog for an illustrative tutorial.

The whole cake required almost three batches of batter. You need a lot since you have to stack layers and layers of cakes with buttercream fillings in between. After that is done, the cake has to be iced for one night for easy sculpting. It was a fun cake to do and made simpler with the tutorial and the model in front of me.

Here's wishing that Bryan likes his Thomas. And perhaps this is the only time he can really put Thomas in his mouth without his mommy saying, "...Bryan, don't put Thomas in your mouth!" Bryan is three by the way.

For your listening pleasure, here's a song by Kate Winslet featuring Thomas, Yey! *Thanks Salina*

3 treats:

mamazieza said...

what more can i say than "WOW"... how I wish I can do it.. huhu.. and mama luv ur cuppies tu.. especially the eyes.. besar terjojol.. hehehe...

wis... can you email me ur contact number if you don't mind...

Diba said...

hi kak Wiz, still ingat saye?? Minah lembab... :P

Akak mmg tahap sifu nii.. Tabik springgg kat akak.. :D

Wiz said...

HI Diba, Ingat lagi la. Diba boleh buat, tapi kena rajin praktis la. Kak Wiz dulu pun lembap jugak. Try slowly, you can do it, I'm sure.