Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Once Upon a Grime

Once upon a time, when I decided to be a "stay at home" mom, I laid out some tacit rules in my head as a guideline to be that TV commercials portrayal of a Good mom. A good mom in those adds are always seen smiling and looking so fresh even after a hard day. They are clad in light coloured, mostly white attires beaming with that powdery glow on their oil free faces. Similarly, their children are always looking prim and proper. I aspired to be one of those moms, tried to emulate them as close as I could and made sure that my children too were spotted in clean bajus and uniforms at all times. At the initial stage I was full of energy and zest, cleaning and scrubbing everything, washing every single white baju individually by hand, treating laundry by the rules of Martha Stewart. I kinda imagined I was her too just to motivate myself that these chores were doable. In the process, I fell prey to a basketful of cleaning products from the very expensive detergents to the cheapest cap burung ones.

However, as the children got older, more and more stains that would make bleach manufacturers blush, started to surface on their bajus and uniforms respectively. The marks got more and more difficult to wash away and my tolerance was wearing thinner and thinner everyday. The stains changed according to their age, from just the mark of spilled milk or milo on their uniforms which eventually matured to the tougher stains of the sambal nasi lemak or the kuah roti canai.*shrug*

In the TV adds, pretty mothers with silhouette figures are often seen embracing their children as they returned from school.*the scenes are always in slow motion for some I don't know what reasons* In reality for me nowadays, yours truly would be seen in her seluar taichi, in a more shadowy figure, frowning and scrutinizing the stains on her children's uniforms before making physical contact with them. I'm just exaggerating but the frowning part is true. I couldn't keep up with the perpetual smudges and never ending sambal stains on their uniforms anymore. I just got deflated after the second school year. I stashed my washboard away and decided to go easy on addressing the laundry issue.

I have reduced myself to only soaking the soiled clothes and just tenyehing them a little before mixing them with the other bajus. Am I a good launderer? NO! Am I a good mother? I leave it to my kids to be the judge of that.

PS. None of the products above worked! The only thing that has vanished is my self esteem.

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Salina said...

What on earth is that green thing Wiz? You could be a good model for the next Fab buku baru advertisement!I am sure if the director of the ad is Yasmin Ahmad, she won't think twice to pick you after reading this posting!

Wiz said...

It's a washboard, the thing you scrub your bajus on. Yes, I actually bought that after feeling overwhelmed with all the kekotorans on all the white school uniforms. It cleans up good, but it also cleans out the skin on my hands, making it rough and flaky. So I stopped using it. Why would Yasmin Ahmad choose me for?

Salina said...

She loves to show real people stories not the typical mother who looks great as cindy crawford despite doing all the domestic chores. You just watch all her ads - most of them about makciks kampung (the one that i like the most is the story during hari raya when the children brought back a cow on a rakit for their mother) and that washboard thing will surely trigger a lot of ideas for someone who is as creative as she is! She loves real story not the typical rich people stories ( business men and datuk-datin story in our local dramas).