Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Belated Apology

Dear Adik Ridzman,

Apologies are not at rest,
for a cake that didn't look its best.
An action that was never done,
deliberately or for fun.
I tried my best to keep it nice,
but sometimes long distance is a vice.
I placed it on my lap for extra care,
my kids weren't allowed to touch it, they didn't dare!
It was raining hard through and through,
we kept braking, something we hated to do.
The heavy traffic didn't really help either,
the road was slippery, it didn't get any better.
When it stopped raining, I was truly glad,
but when I saw the cake I was really sad.
It wasn't the same cake I worked on for 3 days,
the base was smudged, the details were fazed.
I couldn't fix it to look like the original,
No matter how hard I tried, it was just impossible,
just to make it look nice again like it was before,
patched things up, as long as it wasn't an eyesore.
It was your 7th birthday, you deserved much better,
how I wished Reina, Alonso, Crouch, Kuyt and Carragher,
could be there in person serenading you the birthday jingle,
just to make you happy coz I know the cake surely didn't.

My heartfelt apology to Adik Ridzman and family.
A discount of 50% for your next cake purchase is all I could offer for now. Hope that compensates the whole ordeal of celebrating with an incomplete cake.

Warmest regards
Auntie Wiz

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