Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mark This!

It's always nice to go to a shop and be welcomed and greeted by your first name. It would be even nicer to purchase all the things that you needed and to be given special discounts for them. And it would be the nicest if your endless queries were entertained with smiles. To find such a shop in KL is like searching a needle in a haystack, a rare occurence. Nevertheless, under all that hay and dust, after sneezing millions of times, I finally found that needle! It's a brand new one, and it is located in Prima Saujana Kajang.

Best Mark Trading or BMT adopts the concept "Everything under One Roof". "Everything" encompasses baking, sewing and packaging necessities. It also houses wedding paraphernalia such as the "bunga telur", "bunga pahar", ribbons, paper bags, beads, buttons, so on and so forth. The shop is not limited to adults but it caters to kids of all ages as well, offering toys, stationery, hair acessories, simply a little bit of everything. But most importantly, it offers that genuine friendly service that's been missing all this while. So, if you are around Kajang do drop by at BMT and say Hi to Jeffrey, Jason and Jia Shin. I give you my word that they will be more than happy to assist you in anyway that they can.*Jeffrey, you owe me BIG time!*

Your baking needs,

Your children's treats,

Containers and stuff,

Ribbons and crafts.

Best Mark Trading
C-8-GA, Jalan Prima Saujana,
Taman Prima Saujana,
43000 Kajang,

Jeffrey Hom Jia Way
B. Appl.Comp(NZ)
Business Manager

Opening Hours

Every Day from 10.30 am to 9pm

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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

They really owe you big time! You are promoting their shop via your blog. Nice to know this friendly shop exists near our residential area! guess you've been a regular customer there and make sure that you get the discount that you deserve!

I saw some ramekins when i visited a shop in Freemantle. The only colour that i could find is white. You are definitely right the blue ones are truly rare. Will definitely try to find them in the UK!