Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

It was another one of my son's allergy episodes last night. He was coughing and having runny nose, all too familiar for this little guy. He has several allergies and being a boy it is rather challenging to contain him inside the house only, where I feel he would be less exposed to dust and certain types of plants that he is allergic to. And whenever he was down with this type of flu, I would be reaching for my trusted Vicks Vaporub to ease his breathing. It's a routine of applying it on his chest, his back and his soles. The same exact routine that I went through with my father. The olfactory effect of Vicks always brings back those memories, every single time.

I was that sickly asthmatic child that everybody knew. I was never allowed to run around, to play under the rain or to attend P.E lessons. I was always spotted in my sweaters in the morning, and even then I had Vicks in my school uniform pocket. But being a child, there were times when I felt like playing chase with my friends, gulping down a few glasses of icy "Sirap" that I was never allowed to drink at home and eating those "jeruk" that were sold at the back of my school which I knew would make me sick after. The outcome was instataneous, come nightfall. The attacks were often severe ones, sometimes they lasted the whole night even after medication of "Tedral" pills. During those critical moments, it was my father who stayed by myside throughout the whole wheezing ordeals, applying vicks on my chest and back, just like I am doing to my son now. He lost a lot of sleep, but his patience was still intact fortunately for me, as I was quite a disobedient child! There were many instances in which he had to cancel countless important trips or meetings just to attend to me, and I would like to thank him for that. There was even a time the whole family had to cancel an oversea trip*overseas during those days was just a trip to Medan* as I had to be admitted to the hospital! *my sibblings haven't really forgiven me for this, until now* Ha ha ha. It sounds funny now, but my brothers and sister weren't laughing back then.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my father from the bottom of my heart for all those sleepless nights, endless worryings, prolonged fear and concern over my health and to say that I am much much better now. Don't worry Ayah, I always have my vicks and my inhaler wherever I go. Now, it is my turn as a parent to worry about my son and to continue on with this Vicks routine. Happy Father's Day!

And to all fathers out there, A very Happy Father's Day to you too!

A father is always someone who you'd run to,
when mama scolded you,
A father is always someone who you'd like to test,
when mama turned down your request,
A father is someone who fixes things,
when your mechanical stuff stopped working,
A father often delights you with gifts,
and manages to pull off silly magic tricks
A father is over protective all of the sudden,
when one day you turned 11,
A father is that stern voice in your head,
when you are about to make a mistake,
He is the one who guides your thoughts,
and the person who advises your faults,
To everyone else he is just an ordinary individual,
But to you, He is "Absitively & Posulutely" your WORLD.


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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

It'a amazing how a blog can develop your photography skills. You have become an avid photographer due to this blog and also a good web surfer, not to mention having friends all over the world. I personally feel that housewives should learn how to blog as it can become a great therapy for them. They can gain many friends and exchange knowledge on domestic matters, parenting, cooking etc. Azam is very lucky to have an educated, creative and resourceful wife like you Wiz. Despite giving up your 9 to 5 job, it doesn't stop you from having a meaningful and interesting life!

I will include your asthmatic episode in my next book! By the way Wiz, do you have any recipe on making candy?

Wiz said...

Thanks Salina! I have a few candy recipes, maybe later will post them here. Why? are you making some?

linn said...


You still had vicks on you when you were at PPP ! it was probably the thing Azam was attracted to...hehehe...You know what I remember the most abt those good old days ? How you tried to pass Mopiko for 'ubat jerawat' or was it Colgate ? To this day I'm still not certain whether or not it works ! It was when we'd sit in my room and talk abt this I mean Azam and the 'swine'...I miss those days...

Wiz said...

Yes, it was mopiko. I believe in mopiko till this day. Check my bag kak lin and you'll find among other things, mopiko and vicks tucked in somewhere. Out of curiosity, have you ever bumped into any of those swines? Wonder what'd you say to them.