Thursday, June 28, 2007

Eye Yo, so Tall!

I always have this notion that I am 22 years old, able to walk for miles and miles, able to burn the midnight oil and wake up fresh the next day, able to just gobble up anything and not gain an ounce, simply able to do anything and everything that I wanted. At 22 I was at the prime of my age, I didn't experience that many asthma attacks or any shortness of breath at all. It was truly liberating for someone who has been living her whole life dependent on the pump and other medications. 22 was also the time in which I discovered that I had the unusual liking for roller coaster rides. The discovery led to an addiction and found myself going for these kind of rides at any amusement parks. The best ones of course, were located at Sunway Lagoon and Genting Theme Parks and I have tried them all. I remember going on those rides over and over again, till it didn't excite me anymore.

So when I heard about Eye on Malaysia, I had major goosebumps, my husband likes to say it as kulit ayam, all over! I couldn't wait to hop into one of those gondolas and try to shake it just to scare other people, especially my husband. I figured, what is Eye on Malaysia compared to the rotating cable car at Mount Titlis in Switzerland right?

We made our way to Tasik Titiwangsa one clear night, and everybody promised to go on the gondola ride. From afar, it didn't look too formidable, or tall even, but as we approached the giant wheel, we gaped at its impressive height and structure. My daughter suddenly had cold feet, my husband being an acrophobic was all game,erm was he?, my son was jumping up and down, and yours truly was unusually quiet. For the first time in my life, I didn't feel the excitement of going on those rides. I couldn't feel the buzz, the rush, I couldn't feel anything. All I felt was the sweat in my palms, the butterflies in my stomach and the pounding of my heart.

I didn't want to appear as the weak link here, so I convinced my son and husband that we shouldn't go because my daughter wasn't ready to and the queue was a mile long. The night was instead spent enjoying the light and sound show, strolling around the garden, snacking on the kerepeks and simply keeping each other company. I learnt a few things that night: my husband is such a sport to put his fear aside for me, my son is uncontrollably irritating, my daughter is...well, my daugther! And I am no more that 22 year old girl(baru sekarang nak perasan, haih!) who could walk miles and miles and who loved falling from the sky kinda person anymore. The worst part is knowing that I could easily gain weight even when I'm not eating!

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Salina said...

LOve the first and the last pix - good shot Wiz for an amateur! Eye YO ...why must copy London! Can't the Ministry of Tourism think of some other stuff to lure the tourists? Well on second thought..why not??? Not many can afford to go to London anyway.

You are right Wiz we are getting grey hair soon ...even though the famous Blackpool theme park is not that far from Leeds, i purposely shy away from it and kawasan-kawasan yang sewaktu dengannya. How age is taking a toll on our "passion for thrilling" activities. I like you ..used to love those adrenaline-goes-berserk rides...But now I am more thrilled to see the wild flowers sway in the morning breeze, the magpie in front of my house feeds its junior, a clear blue sky in this gloomy summer etc. My soul too in a way is ageing!

Wiz said...

It is sad kan Salina, to think that we don't like the things we used to like. Though we hate to admit it, we are growing old and we are not physically the same person anymore. I wanted so much to ride the EYE, but I couldn't do it. I guess the last rides of terror for me were the ones I took in Movieworld Goldcoast. The Superman ride was fatal!