Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Colours Everywhere

My daughter chanced upon my Mother's Day entry and went into a frenzy after reading it. She protested, followed by my son and they insisted that they were inaccurately judged. They continued with the fact that I didn't ask for their permission to publicly display their work and ya da ya da ya da. I was put on trial by two tiny people. It was cute though and I just played along, my head down, all ears. I needed some entertainment in my life that I allowed this episode to happen, that's how pathetic I am.

They didn't plead, but demanded to paint again*oh no, when they paint, the colours wouldn't just land on their hands, they would be on the porch, on the garden chairs and table, on the leaves, on the front door, on the walls* I have always preferred the crayons and the colour pencils, but when they requested to paint, I just cracked inside.I wasn't in the mood for cleaning up and I gave my best shot to dissuade them by distracting them with their favourite cds, ice cream even, but to no avail.

The urge to paint and to prove their point was so powerful that they irately ransacked their drawers and took out the paint and brushes.It was as if they were on a patriotic mission, with the scorn look and serious expression on their faces, the soldiers marched outside in their pyjamas and started drawing, painting.

I was dumbfounded by this sudden urge of energy*if only they had the same energy to do their homework*.They were in their very own combat, and the enemy was me! The mission was to prove mama wrong, and so they did. Well these are what they came up with. Could you see the angry strokes? I have put this onto myself, and I take full responsibility for it, for all the damage done on the tables, on their stained bajus, on the leaves*I don't know why the paint always lands there* and on everything else. So Iman and A'dnin, you are my favourite artists now, and only your paintings and drawings should adorn the walls of our house.

My daughter's impression of our lawn.

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Siti Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

Pictures 1,2,3, and 4 can always pass as modern art. Nurture their talent and love for colours Wiz. Emm...they seem to have the penchant for colours just like the mother. I could recall how you decorated your work station in our room in PPBL. Your files, papers on the notice boards were always colourful and at that time you particularly like the curly sue design. Looking forward to see your children's future artwork!

Wiz said...

Thanks. It's good that this came about, it made them realize that they do actually like to play with colours. Will need to emphasize on the discipline of cleaning up after painting though, coz mak nya sangat la malas. hu hu hu

Anonymous said...

Hi Wiz,
Thank you back, for linking to me bloggies! Loved what you said about your lelaki Melayu. Aren't they all mysterious? In good ways and otherwise.

At the end of the day, we come home to what we perceive as 'serasi', I suppose. We give we take, we throw tantrums and we catch them red handed. We take all the bads and goods since they all come in one goody bag.

And I guess you're right, love facelessly raceless. It's not the way they look (Malay or Maori), but it's the way they look at you!

ps. Love them cuppies and cakes! What a talent and passion you have! I would like to order in advance for November 2007: Pocoyo for Edrick, and _____ for Kitreena. (Will have to fill in the blank in October at the earliest.) She can't decide yet. It keeps on tossing between Barbie (Annika), Kim Possible, Strawberry Shortcake and Snow White.

ps2. What I remember most about you would be the color of your lips(ticks). Never got around to asking you what shades of red they were (I kinda guessed they were Maybelline - my fav!)

Keep 'em cuppies coming, Wiz!

mamazieza said...

Hi Wiz....keletah anak-anak laa yang selalu buat kita terisi... kadang suka.. marah.. gerammm tapi tetap sayang...