Monday, June 18, 2007

Under Construction...Still

Mirza's Birthday was over and that indicated that I have accomplished another daunting task of baking a novelty cake. A breath of relief I can assure you, as it wasn't an easy stroll in the park kind of undertaking, well for a novice baker like myself, it was a cry in the dark rather. I had everything sketched in my head, the things to do, the trinkets to buy, the landscape to create, everything was planned ahead. My head was overwhelmed with all these ideas but when the actual day of baking and icing arrived I was engulfed with mental exhaustion.

Anyhow, after all the cakes were baked and carved, it was time to drape them with appropriate colour of tangerine orange for the body of the vehicle and black for the wheels. All I needed to do now is to just ice the base cake with double cream ganache and put everything else together. The cakes were stacked on each other and they looked perfect, yours truly was happy and proud and went upstairs to take that much deserved sleep at 1.30am. Early morning the next day, on the day I had to deliver the cake, I came down to see a very different cake, not the same one I last saw the night before.The wheels had sunken, they were not visible anymore, the body of the vehicle seemed to droop. I had to consolidate the whole thing with many chocolate sticks to halt the sinking. Somehow it seemed to work, thank god. I don't think anyone noticed its defects, I hoped not. The cake managed to reach its destination in one piece, learnt a few lessons of the to do's and to not do's and hopefully this experience has made me a better cake maker.

My heartfelt thanks to Azlia for having faith in me to do Mirza's cake*I didn't even have faith in myself* Here's wishing that all of you liked the cake anyways. I consoled myself that day by having a generous serving of all the curly fries and onion rings*guilty grin*.

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Salina said...

Dear Wiz,

Will definitely order a cake like this for my civil engineer husband for his next birthday and i am sure he will love it!

You should write a book based on all your experiments - the do's and don'ts in cake making.

loveliana,Kuala Lumpur.Malaysia said...

wow..creative wiz..tahniah tahniah..ayu link ke blog ayu yah