Friday, May 4, 2007

Sponge pants square Bob

Happy Birthday Alisha! My niece the gangstar, celebrates her birthday on the 4th of May and her Auntie was assigned by the supreme court to bake a Sponge Bob cake for her. I had loads of fun with this cake. *fun, in an amateur baker's term means a lot of fuss* I do watch sponge bob...a lot, and I have always thought it would be easy to transfer what I had in mind onto a cake right, well wrong! In my case I had to do a little bit of research and had to look it up on the net before getting the right facial expression. Children have every curve, every dot embedded in their heads and to go with a spot missing is unforgivable! So, all that "fun" work totally paid off when all the kids went singing sponge bob square pants!...Yey! for makyang.

3 treats:

mamazieza said...

fuhhhhh wiz.. u r a wizard laaaa..... ur sponge pants square bob... is really sponge bob square pants.. hehehehe. Congrats...

Salina said...

Dear wiz,

I envy the birthday kid! Your creativity seems to be infinite! I love your birthday cakes more than your wedding or the cakes that you made for the engagement no matter how lovely and sweet they are. The birthday cakes give you a lot of room to explore your creativity! And this one is really a masterpiece! By the way, i do not know the existence of this latest cartoon - Mr. Sponge pants square Bob!


Wiz said...

When you have children, you will learn all the cartoon characters whether you like it or not. Try watching some, I do, hence the immaturity!! he he he.